Friday, 22 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide For Her: Gifts Under £15

Hello lovelies. 

Christmas is sure sneaking up fast this year! With about 4 weeks before Christmas day I'm so far from done buying gifts! So I thought I'd put a little gift guide together unless anyone else is struggling for inspiration too! I'm going to put together a few of these over the next couple of weeks, but I'm going to start with gifts for her under £15.

One. Party Time Gift Set from Lush: £12.95 here.
Lush do a lot of gift sets for Christmas, but I've picked this one for a few reasons. The packaging is new, made to look like a party popper, that pops when you open it! It contains a 100ml Happy Hippy shower gel, a full size green Fun & 120 g of Snowglobe soap, which bought seperatly would cost £11.60ish (going on 100g of soap) so the packaging isn't too expensive, and it looks super fun! I think this would probably be a good gift for just about any lady who likes citrus scents!

Two. Ticket To Glossy Town from Benefit: £9.75 in the sale here.
Benefit have stuck a couple of the gift sets in the sale, and get them quick as I predict a sell out! For under £10 you will get 6 different lipglosses in a pretty box. If you know someone who is make up obsessed this would make a fantastic gift!

Three. Anna Sui Minnie Mouse Nail Varnish from ASOS: £15 here.
This is probably a perfect gift for another blogger! It's not been long since ASOS finally started selling the Anna Sui make up range, and it's gone coco bananas on the bloggersphere. The whole range seems to be in the high end price range, and although it's a lot for a single nail varnish, the saying goes that the best things come in small packages, so this could be that best thing.

Four. Victoria Sponge Cake Tin from Joy: £4 here.
This would be a great gift for the baking type in your life, but someone you don't want to go down the "baking tools" gifts, either because they own it all or the only thing you know they want is a KitchenAid! This tin is the perfect size for a good, proper, sized wedge of cake to take to work or out and about. 

Five. Unicorn plastic tumbler with straw from Urban Outfitters: £12 here.
This one would be perfect for the girly girl in your life. It's pink, it's got a unicorn on it, it resembles something you'd get from Starbucks? It's a girly girl present indeed! I have a couple of these tumblers and they are just fantastic for cold drinks. 

Six. Pug Mug from River Island: £8 here.
I think it's quite possible that everyone knows someone who thinks pug dogs are the best thing since sliced bread, and if you do, look no further! I don't even particularly like pugs but a square pug mug is about the cutest thing I've ever seen! According to the box it spins as well... ! It sounds amazing, and I am tempted to buy it just to see how it spins! 

So that's it lovely ladies. Dare I ask.. have any of you finished you Christmas shopping? Or like me, no where near! 



  1. I've bought ONE Christmas present. ONE. *sobs*

  2. Awh that mug is super cute. I've bought three presents so far xx

  3. LOL I haven't even started aha.
    Love your picks, the unicorn tumbler is lush xx

  4. I'd buy that pug mug for me, let alone a friend! When I popped into River Island today I had a look for it, but no luck. I wanna know how it spins. :P


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