Monday, 4 November 2013

Freebies With Decembers Glamour UK Magazine

Hello lovelies. 

There are always good freebies for the Decembers magazines, which come around in November, but the freebies with this months Glamour Magazine are too good not to share! 

Not just one, but two freebies with a £2 magazine? Sounds good to me! 

The first freebie I want to share with you is this, which I guess technically isn't a freebie! Inside the magazine is a Body Shop Joy Card, which is a small green card towards the middle of the magazine which has either £3, £15 or even £100 to spend at the Body Shop, all cards will have at least £3 on so no duds to be had! Mine was for £3, so I went for this adorable gingerbread body sponge! It cost £3.50 so I only paid 50p! They also have a snowman & a father christmas in the same style. 

The other freebie is on the front of the magazine, this Kate Spade for Nails Inc nail varnish. I went for the silver, but there are 4 colours to choose from: Silver, Gold, Red & Black. I'm already thinking about picking up the gold one & another joy card to pick up the snowman sponge! 

So did you pick up this months Glamour? Which colour nail varnish did you go for? What did you pick up with the Body Shop Joy Card? 



  1. I'm definitely going to pick this up. Unbelievably I don't have a black nail varnish in my stash so going to try and get that one xx

  2. I read this post this morning and I decided that after work I would pop into the shops to pick up my copy of Glamour, they were all gone! So I'll have to try again tomorrow morning. :(

    I know I want to buy the Blueberry shower gel with my Body Shop voucher and will probably pick up the black polish. :)


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