Thursday, 14 November 2013

Instagram Round Up

Hello lovelies.

It's been a while since my last instagram round up, so I thought I'd do another for you lovely lot. Instagram is probably still my favourite app, probably because I'm a nosey bugger who likes seeing what other people are up to! My instagram name is Jetley, feel free to follow if you fancy, or stick your instagram name below and I'll come follow you.

One. Holiday prints arrived! I know everything is digital these days but I still like to get prints and put them all in an album. 

Two. Orange Ribena, in my humble opinion, is the best flavour! I just wish it was sold more places! 

Three. My baby (she's not a baby, she's 17!) sister bought me a Pandora froggy charm for my birthday, which is incredibly sweet as I love frogs. 

Four. A sneaky festive primark purchase, a snowman hat! This was actually from the mens department as I thought it was nicer than the female ones. If I remember rightly it was between £2 and £3. 

Five. Charity shop find. A massive crocheted blanket I paid about £2 for, it's so massive half of it is tucked behind the chair. 

Six. Gromit Unleashed Grand Appeal shop purchase, a Wallace & Gromit "Jam Caddy", previously a promotional item from Kingsmill. The idea is that you put the jam in the yellow tub, pull the bike back & it speeds the jam towards the next person! I'm actually using this to store little earring studs, but it was too cute to leave behind! 

Seven. I love sunny Autumn days. Cold enough for jumpers, but warm enough not to feel freezing every second you are outside. 

Eight. Halloween Pumpkin Krispy Kreme. Honestly, flavour wise, a little disappointing, but fun looking!

Nine. Had to be done, my once a year Starbucks red cup of something insanely sweet. I went for a Toffee Nut Latte, which was sweeter than a mouthful of pure sugar. 

Ten. My lovely Tuna has such a long, thick tail! 

Eleven. Finally got my hands on this! Spice Chai from Drink Me, which is what is what a lot of the big coffee shops use, such as Cafe Nero & Costa, for their Spiced Chai Latte. It is sweet and spicy but not too much of either flavour. It is literally a perfect autumn / winter drink. It's not stocked many places but I found it in Waitrose, and it's about £1.99 for a tub, which I've been having at least one a day and it's still over half full, a new love of mine! 

Twelve. Move over Starbucks red cups, we have a winner! Costa Coffee have really out done themselves with their seasonal offering! The cups come in 4 different designs which correspond to their size. Here I have a Snowman (medium) with a gingerbread latte, which as well as not being too sweet, also had edible gold stars on top! Sorry Starbucks, your red cups are looking a little weak.

Thirteen. I was so in awe of the cups, the lovely staff actually gave me two to take home! A gingerbread (small) and an Elf (espresso), I'm hoping to convince them to give me a Snowman (medium) and a Father Christmas (large) so I can have lots of festive drinks at home! 

Fourteen. I mention in a previous post I've got myself a new job, at Yankee Candle! I've only been there around 2 weeks but I'm loving it so far! We all wear a little Yankee apron, which is actually really handy as I don't have any pockets on my work clothes, so it's handy to pop things in. 

Fifteen. I always always always pick up at least one or two Innocent Smoothies when they have the big knit hats on, because I like the charity, but also, it's a mini hat! I tried to put them on Tuna but he wasn't impressed! 

Sixteen. I don't even think I can begin to justify this purchase... but I'll try anyway! North Pole is a candle I'd always wanted, I'd had a wax tart a while back, but it's a fairly rare scent in england. So when it popped up on the "Special Appearances" on the Yankee website, I just had to have it! It's a sweet mint scent, think candy canes. I did also order some Christmas presents with this... so.... yeah that's my justification! 

So that's it for my Instagram round up ladies! As I said above feel free to pop your username in the comments if you fancy! 



  1. As a barista for Costa, I don't think we use that chai powder for our drinks, but either way it bloody stinks. :P

    It's awesome that you work at Yankee Candle and that North Pole candle sounds delicious! :P

    I love your Instragram, I follow you under the name Broken_Prophet :)

  2. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the great work ♡

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