Saturday, 2 November 2013

October Empties

Hello lovelies.

Very slightly late this month, my apologies! 

I've finished a huge pile of things this month, so I've got lots to share with you. 

One. Sanctuary Revive Invigorating Body Scrub. 
Invigorating my bum! This is more of a shower gel with the odd seed in it than a scrub. I'd actually go as far as to say it isn't a scrub at all! It's taken me forever to finish this as I really didn't enjoy using it, and frankly I'm glad to see the back of it! 

Two. Benefit Porefessional Mini. 
I've managed to actually never buy the full sized of this, and I use it every day! I'm sure there might be something equally good for less than the full sized but as long as minis keep coming on magazine I will keep using it. 

Three. Timotel Vivid Colour Sulphate Free Shampoo. 
I cannot rave about this shampoo enough. It's soft to the hair & its really helped prolong my hair colour. I've already purchased another bottle & for the time being at least, it's my go to shampoo to keep my hair at it's reddest for the longest. 

Four. Philosophy Senorita Margarita Shower Gel. 
Philosophy has the the most amazing scent range, and the best formula of any shower gels I've ever tried. But this one, is the crowning glory of any shower gel I've ever tried. It smells just like freshly squeezed lime. I've been hoarding this stuff like no ones business, but it's finally run out! I've got my eye on one of the Christmas shower gels so I probably won't buy this again straight away, but next summer I will certainly buy it again! 

Five. Kiehl's Oil Free Toner. 
This was a massive flop for me. I have the facial lotion from the same range & I love it, so I forked out a huge amount of money for this in a quest for a decent toner, and it was rubbish. It just didn't make my skin feel "toned" at all. So if you have any toner recommendations, leave me a comment!

Six. Bumble & Bumble Seaweed Conditioner. 
Eh. I don't know what to say about this conditioner. I bought it in TK Maxx in the sale for £7. It was good, and made my hair feel soft. However, if I had forked over £20 for a bottle I'd expect a hair care miracle, which it isn't. I'm not sure how I'd feel about paying that much for conditioner, so I doubt I'd repurchase unless I found it on super offer. 

Seven. Biore Ice Cleanser. 
I've had the scrub in the same range before and I adored it, and this was good but just not the same. The scrub has a really icy blast, but this was a little weak in comparison. It did keep my skin clear however, but I'd probably repurchase the scrub instead. 

Eight. Soap & Glory Off Your Face Wipes.
This was a panic buy at St Pancreas station the morning I was heading to Paris as I realised I'd forgotten to pack any make up remover. The have a rough texture to them so they can be used as a make shift face scrub as well. They we good at removing my face make up, but when I tried to take off my eye make up it made my eyes sting like I'd just rubbed vinegar into them! At £5 a pack for something that pretty much made my eyes bleed, I wouldn't repurchase! 

Nine. Lush Orange Jelly Soap. 
I've reviewed this here so I won't say too much but this soap has amazing scent, but the jelly part is fairly annoying. I might repurchase another little block to hoard away at some point! 

Ten. Eve Lom Rescue Mask. 
One word. Blerghhhhhhhhhhhhh. This stuff was revolting. Luckily this was a sample, and I didn't fork out any money for it, or I'd be really really annoyed! First off the smell - the swampy, gross, muddy grim smell, oh my god, why just why. Secondly the textured - it's a mix between wet clay with husk shell in it. Last, but not least, the way it made my skin feel - it made it feel dry! Grim, grim grim! I've never tried much from Eve Lom, but this has totally put me off the brand completely. 

Eleven. Eau Thermale Avenue Clearance Mask. 
On the other side of the coin, this is probably my new favourite mask of all time. It instantly brightened and reduced blemishes. This is only a tiny sample size, but I'm going to end up buying the full sized soon as I'm already missing it! 

Twelve. Escada Cherry In The Air Perfume. 
I bought this at the beginning of summer and it ended up being my most worn perfume all summer long. It's a fairly straight forward scent - cherries! I am pretty fickle with perfume, and I'd always go for a new scent over buying an old scent, so I doubt I'd repurchase it but I enjoyed using it! 

So that's what I've finished this month. How about you lovely lot? 



  1. I have yet to try any Bumble and Bumble stuff, but, like you, I'd probably only get it if it's on offer. Can't imagine a conditioner being £20 worth of amazing. x

    1. No I kind of agree. I like some of their styling products but the shampoo & conditioner is just a bit overly expensive

  2. Some of your comments on the products had me giggling away to myself, especially the Soap and Glory wipes ha xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. Haha thanks lovely, I aim to please ;)

  3. I found Kiehl's Oil Free Toner meh as well. My favourite is the Natio Aromatherapy one, it's much cheaper to and you can get it at drugstores.

    1. Ooh I will have a look at that one, I just want one that works haha x


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