Monday, 18 November 2013

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Review: Bargain Hair Miracle?

Hello lovelies. 

My hair. Oh my hair. What can I say about it? It's a messy, thick, unloved mop at the moment! For years I turned my nose up at the idea of putting oil in my hair, "why would I do that?!" I would say "won't it just make my hair look greasy?!" I would scoff. 

But that all changed after trying a tiny bit of Macadamia oil, and I adored it. I promptly trotted off and forked out a small fortune. However, that bottle is starting to run out a little, so when I was in Superdrug & saw an amazing offer on a brand I love, I snapped a 100ml bottle of Organix Moroccan Argan Oil, and I've been testing it out so I thought I'd give it a review. 

The moroccan argan oil comes in a small rounded bottle, much like their shampoos and conditioners. It's see through and the oil itself is a yellow-y gold. I gave the oil a little sniff & was so happy to find it smells just like the shampoo, which to me smells exactly like the Anna Sui perfume that comes in a bottle shaped like a handbag.

Unlike my beloved Macadamia oil, it doesn't have a pump, but a flip lid with a small hole. I was worried that because of the lid it might be easy to take too much product, but the oil is just the right consistency that you don't end up with way to much. 

Soooo.... this is my hair after a shower. I give it a quick towel dry after a wash or it will drip everywhere, but as you can clearly see, it's a mess. A messy messy mess. The only thing that will tame this hair of doom is my trusty tangle teezer, and some oil! I used a small palm full of the Organix Moroccan Argan Oil, and this was the result, 20 minutes later after a quick blow dry... 

Not to toot my own horn, but my hair looks pretty amazing! I was so blown away by this oil! It went on to my hair really nicely, and as well as smelling amazing, it left my hair feeling soft. Softer than I think it's felt in years! So smooth, so soft, smells amazing... all of this cost under £4! 

The whole Organix range is on offer at Superdrug, not just any deal a better than half price deal! The Moroccan Argan oil is a barginous £3.48 here, but it's currently out of stock (boo!) but if you fancy any of the range you'll need to get a wiggle on, as the offer ends tomorrow! However even at full price, the oil is only £6.99, so compared to other brands such as Macadamia, it's still a bargain! 

Move over Macadamia, I've got a new favourite! 

So ladies, what do you use in your hair? Have you got any recommendations for my thick, dry hair? 



  1. I've only heard argan oil reviews about this and really wanted to love it. I tried it last winter to help dry hair, and while it helped moisturizer I don't really feel like it did anything else for me. I'm contemplating giving it another shot this year. Argan Oil Hair Loss Treatment

  2. Your hair looks amazing! I'll definitely pick up a bottle, beautiful!


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