Wednesday, 27 November 2013

White Chocolate Covered Oreo Snowmen - Quick & Easy Festive Food Treat

Hello lovelies. 

Today I have a no - cook recipe for you - chocolate covered Oreo snowmen faces! Over the festive season there are a million and one reasons you might need to bring something foody, from office parties to kids bake sales to just rocking up to a party with something fun to give, but if your like me you don't want to spend hours and hours making something. So this is quick, easy and very cute! 

So on to what you will need! 

So, your going to need: 

Oreos - I'm going to mention here that you don't have to use oreos, just any flat round biscuits, but I thought that oreos would be a good choice! 
White Cooking Chocolate - I found that one large bar will make 12 biscuits one sided, and 6 both sided. 
Decoration - This can be anything that says "snowman" to you, I've got Trail Mix - for the smarties and coal looking raisins, milk chocolate chips, dried pineapple & mini chocolate crispies from Tesco. 
A knife - to cut the decorations 
Chopsticks - To dip the biscuits in to the chocolate, equally you could use a fork, a skewer, anything you fancy. 

A jug or bowl - to melt the chocolate in
A saucepan - to put the boiling water in. 

First up, boil your water. You need it full enough to touch the bottom of the bowl or jug, but not so full it will spill over the sides. 

Whilst the water is getting going, break your chocolate in to squares, which well help it melt more easily. 

When the water is boiling pop it in your bowl and put it on the heat to get it melting. You will want the chocolate to be completely runny before dipping begins! 

Once the chocolate is runny open up your Oreos. 

Next up, put your Oreo on a chopstick or on a fork. 

Then, get ready to dip it in! You made need to do one dip, come out and dip it again to get a full chocolate coverage. 

After dipping them, set them down on a plate. 

Once you've finished dipping all of them, set them all on a plate with a little room between each so they don't stick together! 

After putting them on a plate, pop them in the fridge for a quick cool down - to decorate you will want the chocolate to still be soft, but not too runny. But equally don't forget them or the decorations won't set in to the chocolate. 

Whilst the biscuits are cooling a little, time to prepare your decorations! For some of the snowmen I cut dried pineapple in to points to make flat "carrot" noses. 

Next I sorted the pieces of the Trail Mix I fancied, which were smarties and raisins. You could obviously just buy raisins and Smarties but I just happened to have Trail Mix to hand. 

Next I shook out some milk chocolate chips. 

And some of the Milk Chocolate Crispies. 

So these are all my decorations, but again these are just suggestions, and you can use whatever you want to. 

Next, get your biscuits out and go crazy! Any thing you fancy, any way you fancy it. For this little guy I used milk chocolate chip eyes, a smartie nose and chocolate crispy mouth. 

So this is my final product! Some are better than others, but I find the rubbish ones kind of charming in their own way! This took about 20 minutes in total, plus about another 30 minutes to completely set, but they are minimal effort for maximum festive impact. They are probably terrible for you, but go on, It's Christmas!

So that's it lovelies, what do you think? Making you feel festive? 



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