Saturday, 21 December 2013

A Festive Instagram Round Up

Hello lovelies. 

I know it's almost cliche, BUT HOW IS IT 4 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS DAY?!?! Tell me how! I love Christmas, and try to enjoy all things Christmassy before it's all over for another year, so I thought I'd share some Instagram snaps of what I've been up to lately, be prepared, it's Christmas overload! 

1. The most beautiful hot chocolate from the German Christmas Market, I've actually been back for a few! 

2. Caved & bought this beautiful snowman tealight holder from work, luckily I scored a discount on it. 

3. Tuna, the cat with a million toys, but every time I receive a package bubble wrap is the best thing in the world. Ever.

4. Autumn leaves are just beautiful. 

5. Christmas tree up! 

6. Wrapping presents for my ladies, took about 3 more presents before I became completely bored with the whole thing! 

7. Picked up some beautiful tin baubles from Wilkonsons for just £2.50 each. Wished I'd got a few more now! 

8. I managed to get all my Christmas shopping in a day, but I caved and did buy myself one thing... socks! I love Topshop socks, they are just beautiful. 

9. Ok, so you know how I just, just, said I didn't buy myself anything, well the next day I splurged. I was handed a 30% off code for American Apparel and decided I was finally going to get myself the fisherman knit jumper I've lusted after for years, and I've barely taken it off since! 

10. Snowman biscuits! 

11. More snowmen! This time in mug form! 

12. Amazing knitted Nativity, known as Knitmas, which was made in aid of St Peters Hospice, which features huge (between 6 and 7ft) knitted Nativity members, as well as a sheep, a donkey and others! Very very impressive! 

13. Went to see the Hobbit, and bar feeling utterly sick at the price of a cinema ticket, really really enjoyed the film! 

14. Primark Christmas PJ's, tucked away for Christmas eve! 

15. Myself with a giant candy cane after a lovely afternoon out in Bath. 

16. Said giant candy cane VS a normal, wimpy "regular" candy cane! 

17. A treat for Christmas from my favourite shop in Bath, the Fudge Factory! The most amazing, delicious, handmade fudge I've ever had and it's taking everything I have not to eat the whole lot right now! 

18. Found this little fella, a plush Lindt plush bear in Tesco and just had to give it a home. Obviously. 

19. Finally going to try that Heston hidden satsuma Christmas pudding that was a thing like 3 years a go, fashionably late to the party! 

20. I was walking past a little stall selling hand made glass ornaments, and this Christmas tree caught my eye and made me actually stop, so I had to get it! It's sitting pride of place on the tree now :) 

So that's my Instagram round up ladies, if you fancy giving me a cheeky follow you can do here, but feel free to leave your username below. 


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