Tuesday, 3 December 2013

babycham Moon Floral High Heels

Hello lovelies. 

I've never been much of a shoe person. It seems like that's one of the girly things that I just don't get! However, when I saw Laura's Babycham shoe giveaway, I just fell in love with the shoes, and luckily I won! They arrived last week so I thought I'd share some snaps with you! 

First up, just take a look at the box! It's a stunner, and giant! This is going to be used as storage for something! 

So, I was allowed to pick any pair I liked, and after much deliberation I went for the Moon Floral. All the designers were beautiful, but most of them were so high there would be no way I could even begin to try to walk in them, but the Moon Floral pair have medium to high chunky heals, so I could attempt them! They are blue suede effect with a pink trim and floral accents. I took some close up snaps of the shoes so you can see all the little details which just make the shoes amazing.

Both shoes have a Babycham logo button on the side of the strap. 

Let me just take a minute to appreciate the heels. Oh. My. God. They are beautifully chunky, as well as having an amazing floral pattern that compliments the navy suede of the shoes perfectly. 

On the upper corner of each shoe it has another little gold logo. 

The straps match the heels in the pattern, and are a nice width. 

Overall I am so impressed with these shoes. I'm actually going to save wearing them for Christmas day! They are so lovely, but you can view the whole range here

So ladies, which would you of picked? 



  1. Oh those are beautiful! Congratulations on winning them! :D


  2. Congrats again on winning, the shoes you chose are gorgeous...enjoy them! x


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