Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas Gifts 2013

Hello lovelies. 

I was initially unsure if I was going to post this, but I had to admit to myself, I just love seeing what people got for Christmas! I am one of those people going "ooooh what is it" every time someone opens a present, because I am plain nosey! So I decided to snap a few pictures of some of my favourite gifts. I will say the usual here, I'm not bragging, I just thought I'd share. 

I was a very lucky girl this year, as I got two perfumes I've lusted after for a long, long time! The Lolita Lempick perfume was from my Mum, and I already knew I was getting this as I picked it out! It's a lovely clean fresh scent with incredible staying power. The next was my favourite present of all, a bottle of Chanel No5 from my boyfriend. I've wanted this perfume for the longest time, I always spray it on myself at a counter and tell him how much I like it, so I guess it finally sank in! 

Next was by far the most useful present, a new hairdryer! I've been using a mini travel hair dryer which has had a broken fan for months, and when I switched this on Christmas day & dried my hair in about 5 minutes it was like a dream. But, also... LOOK AT IT, IT HAS LADYBIRDS ON. This was from my boyfriends mum, who is always far too kind. 

Another gift from my lovely boyfriend, this stunning antique Jade butterfly necklace. This is probably my most special gift of all, as it's the first Jade jewellery I've ever really liked. If you are named after a stone, or anything physical, I bet your whole life you've been given gifts, gifts that have been lovingly picked, but just miss the mark. I've been given a lot of jade in my life, but this is just stunning, and I love the fact you can tell it's old because the jade on the wings is really imperfect.

Shower gel! Before Christmas this draw was empty, so thank you Christmas, I won't need to buy any shower gel for a long, long time! My sister got me the Snow Fairy, the giant bottle of Glogg is from the lovely Ali, and everything else is from just about every single person I know!

My little sister got me a Pandora charm for Christmas, which was incredibly thoughtful, but it was even more so that she'd remembered I'd had my eye on the peacock charm since it came out! When I opened it she also said she thought it was funny because when mum got married there were peacocks in the grounds, and because we were little we literally ran around chasing them for hours! The owl charm is from my Dad, step-mum & baby brother, which is really cute and my baby brother apparently picked it! (He is one, so I'm sure he might of had some help!) 

This was another, yes another! Gift from my boyfriends mum (She is far far to generous) which was this gorgeous Cath Kidston bag. I've been after a small bag for a while as I only have large bags, so if I'm just popping out for a few hours I have to drag a massive bag around with me. It's the perfect size for my purse, keys, phone and some lip balm! It's also oil cloth so hope it stays this clean for a while! 

This is the gift I opened & just couldn't believe how thoughtful it was! This brooch is a personalised version of a much bigger necklace from Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes, which I adored, but was just to large for my tastes. But the wonderful & clever Ali got it made in to a brooch for me! It's taken pride of place on my coat! 

So those were my gifts, how about you lovely ladies? Did Father Christmas bring you a nice gift this year? 



  1. That Lolita Lempick bottle's so pretty!

  2. Aww you received some lovely presents this year! I especially love the charms you were bought for your Pandora bracelet!

    I received some lovely new charms for my Pandora bracelet this year, which I love so much, as well as some lovely Elemis and L'occitane beauty bits from my Mom. My boyfriend spoilt me with all sorts of presents too and I loved each and every one of them. :)

    There's a whole post about what I received for Christmas over on my blog though if you fancied having a look. :)


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