Saturday, 7 December 2013

Impulse Till Purchase - Hurraw Chai Spice Vegan Lip Balm

Hello lovelies. 

I'd out money on just about everyone being in this scenario, your stood in a queue, waiting to pay for something, and there is a stand of something you had no intention of buying, but some how, either through boredom or just plain being suckered in, you end up buying it? That's what happened to me on Thursday night. I was waiting to pay for a jumper I'd eyed up for over a year in American Apparel, as I had a 30% off voucher, and ended up walking away with another lip balm! 

I ended up picking up this Hurraw! lip balm. It's a brand that had intrigued me before, as seemingly I am on a one woman quest to try every brand of lip balm that has ever been or ever will be! 

But, more than just being pulled in by the brand, I ended up purchasing because of the flavour! Chai Spice flavour to be precise! Any one who knows me knows that I am a huge huge fan on anything cinnamon flavoured, and chai is probably close to the perfect flavour for me! The flavour is quite subtle but most certainly a cinnamon taste, without being too much.

The lip balm itself is a really nice consistency, not too hard but also not so soft you end up using more product than you need. Although the lip balm has a beige colour to it in the bullet it applies completely clear. As well as being vegan, it's also organic, and raw so it's an ethical lip balm option. 

You can buy Hurraw! lip balms from American Apparel in store, or from cutecosmetics online here for £3.99.

So ladies, hands up who's done a queue waiting impulse purchase? Tell me I'm not alone?! 


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