Tuesday, 3 December 2013

L'Oreal Feria Hair Dye in Scarlet Power Review

Hello lovelies.

I am so bad with dyeing my hair! I put it off and put it off and put it off until it's so bad I can't bare to look at it any more! I saw it in the mirror at work last week and promptly ran to Superdrug in my lunch break! I decided to try a brand I hadn't used for years, L'Oreal Feria. Now I kind of wish I hadn't... but onto the review!

As I usually do, I picked up two boxes as I need two to cover my long hair. As well as the normal applicator botte, the dye, gloves & conditioner, you also get a "colour boost shot" which you add to the dye to make the colour more vibrant. 

So this was the state of my hair before. Yes I know I know, roots like no ones business. I am very, very sorry to anyone who had to look at it!  

So, on to my first annoyance. I got out the instructions, and it was a "get your hair wet then towel dry" dye. Arghh. I hate applying it to damn hair, I just hate it. It makes the dye more drippy. Next I put on the first pair of gloves, they split instantly. Brilliant. But more important this was the result. 

So this is the result. The colour is average at best. It's red, but no where near as vibrant as the box promised. But, and this is the biggest but ever. This is dye destroyed my hair. It's so beyond damaged and full of split ends, and before the dye it was a little dry but it was no where near the state its in now. So that's just brilliant... I will need to have it cut and a lot of it to try and stem some of the damage! 

So, I would say if you like you hair to feel like hair, AVOID! 

So, have you found any hair dye that is actually good and does what it says, or never quite as good as you want? 



  1. Aaah I remember Feria being really good but I was opting for quite a dark red at that point. I don't remember it being damaging but I do remember reading recently that they'd changed the formula so maybe that's why? I think it still looks nice but definitely go back to Schwarzkopf next time x x x

    1. Oh yeah - Feria also takes a few washes to lighten up if I remember rightly so maybe it will brighten in a week or so :) x x x

  2. Oh no, what a shame. The colour looks gorgeous on the box! x


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