Friday, 6 December 2013

November Empties

Hello lovelies. 

I know I'm slightly late this month! I finished up the end of a lot of products I had hanging around in November, so here they are! 

One. Timotel Vivid Colour Shampoo. 
I've featured this a lot in empties recently, but that shows how much I like it. Of all the shampoos I've tried, from budget to high end this one is the only one I've found that really prolongs the life of my hair colour. I've already got another bottle sat in my shower, and I can't see myself changing any time soon.

Two. OPI Nail Envy. 
This isn't actually empty - just the end bit is too gloopy to finish! It's the only base coat I've ever tried so I have nothing to compare it to, but I liked it, it seemed to keep my nails fairly healthy and happy! I think I'm going to try something else for my next base coat, but I may come back to this in the future. 

Three. Burts Bees Apricot Deep Pore Scrub. 
This was the most disgusting scrub I've ever used, and I'm so glad this was a sample! First off the smell - it has the same exact smell as paint, just straight up paint! Then the texture - beyond grainy, but not in a nice scrubby way. Then, just for a kicker, it left disgusting greasy build up on the face. Just revolting! Would never ever buy this! 

Four. Fudge Iced Raspberry Hair Spray. 
This was fab. It had a really strong hold, but it also smelt amazing & left a raspberry scent on the hair. I loved this hair spray and I need to get round to repurchasing it! 

Five. Marc By Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume. 
Here's the thing, I really liked this perfume, but for some reason every time I went to use it I'd use something else! But I made my mind up to finish it, and I did! I tend to be pretty fickle with perfumes, so I wouldn't repurchase Dot but I'm always excited to see what Marc Jacobs comes out with next. 

Six. Marc By Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Perfume. 
I know, not one but two Marc Jacobs perfumes! This was called something like a pocket daisy, so it was a mini version that I've had for years! It's been sat in my bag so it's pretty grubby! Again, I'm quite fickle but it was a nice perfume to have. 

Seven. Yves Rocha Satsuma Shower Gel. 
I picked this up in Paris in the sale for something like 1 euro, and it was really nice! I actually bought two so I have another I'll probably use in the summer time. 

Eight. Oskia Resistance Mask.
I've had this for a long long time, and it was actually a "try" from What's In My Handbag. Oskia is an incredibly expensive brand (I think the full size of this comes in at something like £85!!) so it was nice to try something so luxury. However, the mask was incredibly rich and I found it broke me out, which was sad as it was so lovely to use.

Nine. L'Occitane Mini Hand Cream. 
Short and simple - I love L'Occitane hand creams. They are light & deeply moisturizing. I've got a few of these about, but I'd repurchase when I run out of those! 

Ten. Dove Maximum Protection Deodorant. 
I love love love this deodorant, it's just perfect. I find when I'm wearing this I can run around all day at work and still be fresh as a daisy at the end of the day. I've already repurchased and I can't see myself not using this in the near future. 

Eleven & Twelve. Philosophy Purity & Sisely Flower Express Mask. 
I've got piles and piles of sachets of skin care about, so I'm trying to remember to use them up! Purity had a vile smell, kind of like lemon loo cleaner but it made my skin feel lovely. The Flower Express mask was also really nice but nothing special, but nice to try. 

Thirteen. Bath & Body Works Warm Sugar Body Lotion. 
I usually don't like food scents for body lotions, but this was a really beautiful scent, sugary but not sickly. I've got loads of Bath & Body Works lotions about which will keep me going, but basically anything B&BW's will always be a repurchase for me! 

So that's it lovelies, did you finish up much last month? 


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  1. It's insane how alike the Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant and Dove Maximum Protection Deodorant are! I'm surprised that they haven't sued each other yet. I love Marc Jacobs perfumes.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx


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