Sunday, 1 December 2013

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

Hello lovelies. 

Oh yes, I'm one of those! My Christmas tree goes up on the first of December every year, and today was the day to get out all those pretty decorations and make my home look as festive as festive can be! I thought I'd share a few snaps with you lovely lot. 

As you can probably tell, there is no uniformity to my decorations, I just buy ones that I like as and when I see them. I do tend to favour cute ones that look like animals, so nothing new there! 

How about you lovely ladies? When do you put your tree up? Do you match all the colours together or just go with whatever? 



  1. Normally my parents won't take the chirstmas stuff out until after the first week of December. However, today my mum bought a new 5ft christmas tree for our new lounge/dining room and my dad decided to take down the rest of the decorations. So i think the tree will be going up tomorrow!! Our tree is generally just a mish-mash of stuff as my parents have bought my sister and I decorations since we were children so we will have decorations for our own tress when we finally move out.

  2. Aww your tree looks so quaint and I love the fairy lights and random decorations, I think it makes it more homely. :D

    I used to put my little tree up in my room every year but since last year I haven't put it up. I might put my tree up over the weekend, but I'll have to see.

    My tree is white and I decorate it with silver and blue decorations, just some baubles, stars and two angels, with an angel that sits on the top.

    I'm not the most festive of people, sadly but I'm hoping that'll change this year. :)


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