Friday, 31 May 2013

Benefit Stay Flawless Event in Bristol

Hello lovelies. 

On Wednesday I popped along to a Benefit event in Bristol, for a new mystery product! I do love a bit of mystery and my nosey side just had to know what it was!

First up, I was a terrible blogger and only had my phone to snap pictures with, so sorry about the grainy quality, but I have been meaning to splash out on a compact camera, but make up & jewellery seems to keep getting in the way! The event was held in The Living Rooms in Bristol on the water front, a very contemporary, swish bar come restaurant. Benefit had set up a little section at the back for the event, and the first thing I think everyone would of noticed was the large cuckoo clock that had 15 hours on the face & a product at the top, Benefit's Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer, which turned out to be while we were all there, to see the new primer! 

The event was really nicely decorated, with lots of Benefit make up scattered around & these amazing promotional cushions (which Benefit, if your reading, if you wanted to send me one, I wouldn't mind...) 

After a little while of mulling around, having a drink & taking some (in my case, grainy) pictures, the lovely BeneBabes introduced themselves, told us their favourite Benefit products, and then it was down to business. Talking about the new 15 hour primer, Stay Flawless, which was demoed, and talked about for a little while. Afterwards they gave us a little pop quiz, with prizes! I actually won one (I'll show you all a bit lower down) for answering "what is Benefit's twitter handle" which is scarred in to my brain after trying to win one of the promotional Hervana umbrellas a while back! 

It was a really lovely event, really nicely styled & all of the BeneBabes were very friendly & chatty, just like they are in shops! We were all provided with a generous goody bag too! 

As well as being given a full sized Stay Flawless primer, we were also given a full sized Hello Flawless foundation which we were all colour matched to, and a foundation brush. We were also given three Benefit magnets, which we were given during the presentation for a reason, but I will explain more when I review the Stay Flawless next week. 

I mentioned above I won a prize in the quiz, which was this minis kit, Primping With The Stars. I was given the choice of 3 kits, and I picked this one as I've wanted to retry Benetint since I've started wearing more lip products, and I am nearly out of Porefessional, and They're Real is my favourite mascara at the moment, so I was super chuffed with this!

So thank you to all the lovely ladies at Benefit for arranging this event, especially as they've come outside of London & are doing a road trip around the UK so bloggers from every corner can actually go. I can't wait to give these products a whirl! 


Thursday, 30 May 2013

May Empties

Hello ladies.

It's the end of May, so it's time for another empties! I think I've done quite well this month at finishing up quite a few large bits I've had for ages, so here's whats headed towards the recycling tonight!

This little vanity bag from Primark has been stuffed full, I could probably of done with two of these!

One. Macadamia Deep Repair Masque. 
I love love loved this masque, it's really thick so you only need the smallest bit so it's lasted me for well over 6 months. However, it's not a cheap masque, even at the cheapest price it's just under £15, so although I'd like to repurchase I think I'm going to try out a few different, cheaper, alternatives and if those let me down I will repurchase this at some point in the future. 

Two. Pantene Pro-V Coloured Hair Shampoo. 
I always thought that I really liked Pantene, until I bought this. It lathered really badly & left my hair feeling dry, and on top of that I think it made my scalp itchy, which is the first time any shampoo has ever done that. Deffo wouldn't repurchase!

Three. The Little Bubble Co Mango Delight Shower Gel. 
I liked this shower gel but I didn't love it. It was just slightly on the runny side but it smelt lovely & at around £3 for 500ml it's really purse friendly, so I'd possibly repurchase at some point in the future. 

Four. L'Occitane Feuilles Magiques Shower Gel. 
This was part of a gift set I was given for Christmas, and I have a few bits in this scent, which is fab as it was a limited edition. It was an amazing shower gel, really thick & it also has small scrubby bits in which was really nice. To me, it smells exactly like lemon grass which is one of my favourite scents of all time. I don't know if this will come back this Christmas, but I'd probably splash out on a big bottle if it does. 

Five. Bath & Body Works Tropical Sorbet Float Anti Bac Hand Soap. 
The BEST hand soap, hands down. It's thick & has anti bac beads in, plus the scent lasts and lasts on your hands. Plus, they smell amazing, like just amazing! I've already got another 2 of these stashed away, but when those two run out I will certainly be buying some more. I just wish it was easier to buy, however eBay has a plentiful supply so that's not too bad! 

Six. Etude House Peach Panda Hand Cream. 
I'll admit it, I bought this just for the packaging, and I regret nothing! It was an alright hand cream, probably no better than anything you could buy from Poundland, but it kind of did the job & it smelt of peaches! I doubt I' repurchase as I've got what I bought it for, the packaging! 

Seven. Burt's Bees Beeswax & Banana Hand Cream. 
This hand cream is amazing, amazing for really, really dry hands as it's beyond thick. Less cream for thick paste. But it really does leave the hands baby soft! I've got a real glut of hand cream at the moment so I won't be buying this any time soon, but possibly in the future. 

Eight. Nivea Refreshing Facial Wash Gel. 
This was a bit of a nothingy product. It wasn't bad but I didn't love it either. I'm pretty sure I bought it as it was on offer at the time & I really needed some. I probably wouldn't repurchase, however I am still on the hunt for a really good face wash I will go back to rather than using once.

Nine. Clearasil Facial Wipes.
I picked these up as although I love using Bioderma, sometimes late at night it can be a bit of a chore, so I thought I'd try some facial wipes again, and no. No no. No idea if it was just these or if it's all face wipes in general, but I found these so scratchy & they made my eyes sting something crazy. I ended up using these to wipe up spills! I am firmly back to Bioderma again! 

Ten. Shu Uemura Ultime8 Cleaning Oil. 
I've heard so many good things about this oil, so when I was given a couple of samples I was thrilled, but.. It's alright. I know some people can't live without it but it was just ok, it took make up off well & left the skin soft but the full sized bottle (450ml) is an eye watering £72! It didn't wow me enough for £7.20, let alone £72. No full sized for me! 

Eleven. Philosophy Purity Cleanser. 
I quite liked this, it left my face feeling really clean & it smells lemony which I like, however I'd want to try it a few more times before committing to a full sized.

Twelve. Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve.
I loved this hand cream, I got about 5 uses from this little 5ml sachet as it's so thick you need the tiniest bit. But again, I have so many hand creams at the moment I really shouldn't buy again! 

Thirteen. L'Occatine Jasmin & Bergamot.
I liked this perfume, but the full sized bottle is £49, which I could get a bottle of Dior for! Nice to try but no dice, L'Occitane.

So that's what I've finished up, how about you lovely ladies? 


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Etsy Wishlist

Hello lovelies. 

Etsy has to be one of my favourite websites to browse, and one of the most dangerous for my bank balance! I love browsing all the hand made & one off items you can find, and most of the time I'll find something 100x nicer than what I could pick up off the high street. If you make an account with Etsy it allows you to favourite items so you can make a little wish list, so I thought I'd share just a few bits I've been loving. 

(ALL images from corresponding links, they do not belong to me, full credit to the owners)

One. Eutopia Nail Varnish from Starrily - £6.82 here
I've spoken time & time again about my love of indie nail varnish, and a healthy portion of that comes from Etsy. I love glitter nail varnish & I love butterflies, so butterfly glitter seems to be something I should own. The only thing stopping me buying is that the shipping is £10, so I'd probably need to buy a few to make it worth my while.

Two. Bamboo Octopus Wall Clock from Graphicspaceswood - £40.92 here
I love love love this clock & pretty much any of the other clocks in their shop! They are all amazing shapes & I know this is technically meant to be a childs clock but I can't see any reason for that to stop me! I love anything made of wood, and personally I don't think wood is used enough any more!

Three. Bumble Bee Breakaway Cat Collar from MogsTogs - £6.48 here.
This one wouldn't so much be for me but for lovely Tuna. He's recently outgrown his kitten collar so I need to get him a full sized collar, and this one would certainly be dashing!

Four. Rainbow Anywhere Clip from VelvetVolcano - £8.50 here
This is so blingtastic, I just adore it. Velvet Volcano are also a UK based shop, who makes the most spectacular blingy jewellery, and this rainbow would make a beautiful brooch. 

Five. Little Sloth Necklace from Marymaryhandmade - £28.64 here.
This has been on my wishlist for the longest time, probably coming up to around 2 years, and every time I look at it I want it more and more. The whole shop has amazingly detailed silver animals & objects, with faces! It's exactly my sort of thing & next time I have enough money in my paypal I think I'm just going to buy it!

Six. Wool Felt French Barrette by Loftfullofgoodies - £7.50 here.
Another one that's been sat on my wishlist for a long time. I love the idea of a barrette especially with curls, but as my hair is really thick I'm just not sure it would hold my hair back, but this one is just adorable. I love flat bows, I think they sit really nicely in the hair. Another I think I will give in & order soon! 

So that's it ladies, do you use Etsy? If so what's your favourite shop? 


Saturday, 25 May 2013

Indie Nail Polish Review & Swatch: Dollish Polish Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea?

Hello lovelies. 

I've spoken quite a few times before about how much I love Indie nail polish. Whatever your colour preference, whatever your style, there is a brand & a nail polish out there for you. So when I came across Dollish Polish Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea? I knew I had to have it. It's a Spongebob themed nail varnish, which used to be my favourite show in the world! 

Dollish Polish are one of the top indie nail polish companies around, and are forever coming up with amazing colour & sequin combos & Who Lived In A Pineapple is no exception. It's a multi sized sequined polish in a white background polish that has a very slight blue holographic shimmer. I also have to say I really like the Dollish Polish bottles, they are really simple yet professional looking.

I painted two coats & I have to say it's just stunning. The white background polish is just the right shade of white, so the blue shimmer shows up really nicely without being too much, and then the sequins! Small square yellow pieces to show Spongebob, pink stars that represent Patrick & the blue circles I think are meant to represent either Squidward or the sea! It's utterly stunning & I can see this getting worn a lot during the summer months! 

Dollish Polish are fantastic quality, as good if not better than any nail varnish you could find on the high street, but a lot more fun! In terms of price you can buy Who Lives In A Pineapple here for $10, which is roughly £6.59 plus shipping, which is around $12 for 2 bottles, $18 for 6 bottles (if you fill a basket you can estimate shipping before checking out) but the more bottles you order the less you'll pay for shipping for each. So it's not too bad, but since international postage costs have sky rocketed it has become slightly more expensive than it once was! 

So ladies, I have a question. If you like indie polishes, which is your favourite brand? Or favourite indie polish? I'm always looking for the next one!


Friday, 24 May 2013

Loving This Week: Organix Rejuvenating Cherry Blossom Ginseng Conditioner

Hello lovelies. 

Today I thought I'd share with you something I've been loving this week, the Organix Rejuvenating Cherry Blossom Conditioner. I bought it a few weeks a go on a whim in Superdrug, I had plenty of conditioner but it somehow jumped in my basket! 

I've already tried the Moroccan Oil shampoo & conditioner from Organix and I really liked those, but what drew me to the Cherry Blossom Ginseng was that it's aimed at rejuvenating the scalp, and recently my scalp has been quite sore (I think this is coming from the shampoo I'm using) so I thought it might help my sore scalp out. 

Oh how I wish smell-o-photographs existed, because one sniff of this & I was hooked. It's a really sweet, slight cherry scent but what it really reminds me of is the Anna Sui perfume that comes in the handbag bottle, and it actually lasts on the hair after it's dry, so I spend all day sniffing my hair! It also leaves my hair feeling really soft & healthy (quite a change for hair!). 

My only complaint would be that because the bottle is really wide, I would say about twice as wide as a normal shampoo or conditioner bottle, it can be really hard to get the product out. It is, as with both the Organix Conditioners I've tried, really really thick consistency, which I love in conditioner, but a wide bottle + wet hands it can be a bit of a nightmare, but once I have got enough out of the bottle it's totally worth it.

I can't seem to find this one online, but the rest of the Organix range can be viewed here, but this one is £1 cheaper than others in the brand (possibly due to the lack of Moroccan oil in it) so it cost £5.99 for 385ml, which isn't the cheapest of conditioners but I'm not using this every day, only for when my hair is in need of some love, so hopefully it will last a while! 

So ladies, have you tried anything from Organix? Any recommendations?


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Oops Haul - Feat Primark, M&S, Superdrug & More

Hello ladies. 

Hands up if you've ever been to shops, looking for bits, and found next to nothing for months on end, and then suddenly, out of the blue, you find something in every shops, without even looking. Well that's what happened to me today, it's not the hugest haul but it's the most I've bought in months so I thought I would share. 

First thing is this panda tote bag from Primark. It was adorable but I actually bought it as when I left the flat in the morning it was grey, cold & looked like it might rain, so I put my coat on. And obviously, because I'd bought it with me, by lunch it was warm & sunny, and I was melting, so rather than carrying it around I bought this to stick it in, but it actually turned out to be useful for all the bits I bought throughout the day! It was only £1.50, and it has a panda on! 

Next up, from Primark again, is this floral watercolour dress. Just going to mention, this is the most money I have, or ever will pay for a Primark dress, because at £17 it was just shy of £20, and that's a hell of a lot of money for a Primark dress, but, BUT, it is an almost perfect fit. It's a really pretty, flattering shape, and it's lined. I tried it on thinking there was going to be something wrong with it, and to be honest there usually is with Primark dresses, but no, of course it was perfect! It reminds me of a similar-ish dress from Ted Baker that tipped just over £250, so, if you look at it that way... I'm surely saving money?! No?? Ok, but still, first & last time I pay that much in Primark! 

What really drew me to the dress was this butterfly on the chest, as I've been looking for a butterfly dress for months. I thought since it was summer I'd be able to find at least a couple, but no, I have no idea where all the lovely summer florals have gone! 

Next up is these green velvet, every so slightly blingy bow, flats from a shop in The Galleries called "Everything £5" which funnily enough sells everything, for £5. It's mainly clothes but they also have a good selection of shoes. I recently bought some flats, that got trashed in the rain so I didn't want to pay much so soon since buying another pair. I ended up buying them in a size up as the sizing was a little on the small side, but they are super comfortable & soft. They probably won't last too long but oh well! 

Next up was this bra from M&S, which was my super bargain find of the day. I don't often look in M&S for bras, but I'd nipped in to use the loo so thought I'd have a browse to see what was new, and then I came across a sale rail. Now with bras in the sale, I usually find they are varying shades of "greyridge" a hybrid of grey & beige. And just as I was looking away I came across this baby blue bra with pink lace in my size, reduced from £17.50, to a whole £3! Now as someone who has often had to pay out £20+ for bras, this is the best deal I've ever found! 

Poundland up next, and by the time I got there I was feeling a bit peckish & it shows! I love the Thortons fudge & the Henry Goodies liquorice, so I grabbed them & then forgot to eat any of it! Oh well they won't go to waste. 

Next I picked up this Nicole by OPI Modern Family nail varnish in She's Lily Something, which I'd been in to Superdrug four times to try & get but it was always sold out, until today there was a couple left & I grabbed it with both hands. I won't say too much about it because I want to review it soon, but it's a pink sparkle with hot pink stars. Too beautiful! They are slightly pricey at £7.99, but I'm in love with it!

 Last up I popped in to an independent shop called Rock Paper Scissor, which stocks locally sourced crafts such as jewellery, mugs, t shirts, art prints and so on, it's seasonal so it's only recently reopened for Spring, and I couldn't resist one of the new Julia Davey brooches! She's from Bath, just a stones throw from Bristol & I adore her mugs, so I just couldn't resist! It was around £6.50, which I'm more than happy to pay for independent pieces.

So that's it ladies, how about you? Have you found anything good recently?


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Veet Easy Wax Electrial Roll On Review - The Most Frustrating Product I've Used This Year

Hello ladies.

I was recently sent the Veet Easy Wax by BzzAgent, a product testing website, to product test! I've tested out a few products with BzzAgent before, but mainly food products, so it was fun to have something related to beauty to try out, so I thought I'd write a review here too.

I was sent both the Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On kit with the starter items in & a sensitive refill for doing your bikini line & underarms.

The starter kit contains the applicator in a very girly pink & white, a 50ml refill, 12 non woven strips, 4 clean up wipes, a base to hold the device up right, a cable with a plug & an instruction leaflet. I was excited to give this a whirl as I'd been eyeing it up in Boots, as on the box it makes a massive amount of claims, including clean application, simple & easy to use & can be used on hairs as short as 2mm. This was my first experience of waxing my legs, so I was slightly nervous as I know how much having my eyebrows waxed can sting! 

Once you plug it in, you need to leave it for a while, or according to the instructions "After 20 minutes the wax is ready for application. If the wax does not come out easily leave for at least an additional 5 minutes. No no, Veet, no no. I would say leave it for at least 40 to 45 minutes before even trying to get any wax out. At least, if not closer to an hour. 

After rolling the wax up your leg (which has the looks & consistency of pre chewed bubblegum) you need to quickly stick the sheet on top & rub it to make it stick to the wax. First time I did it I rubbed it on really firmly & and waited a minute to let the wax stick, braced myself for the pain & ripped it back and....

Nothing. Literally nothing bar the wax sticking to my leg a little, literally nothing. No hair removed & most of the pink goop still on my leg. I reached for the clean up sachets to take it off, and found a really dry sheet with a small amount of oil, which was about as effective at taking of wax as a tissue would be. So, seeing as it was my first go I assumed I had done it wrong, so I tried again, and again. And again. 

I tried leaving the strip on for different amounts of time. I tried using different amounts of wax. Different areas of the leg. I tried for an hour to get any results, and bar the odd hair (and I mean odd, after an hour I'd removed 5 single hairs) nothing. More pink goop, more residue. After an hour I was beyond frustrated. I'd watched several videos on how to get it to worked, read the instructions over and over, and was just about to give up when it dawned on me, maybe it was to do with the length of my hair, so I decided to try a small patch on my boyfriends leg. 

Needless to say, he has hairy legs. So I decided if it didn't work for him, it didn't work. So I reached for the only method that had removed a few hairs for me, putting on a medium to thick layer of wax on & then leave the strip for a couple of minutes & rub it, rub it until the skin around it is pretty much raw. I pulled back the strip, expecting to find a lot of hair. No. No no. It had removed some of the hairs, some. 

So. After a huge amount of effort, annoyance and aggravation, I'd successfully removed about 10 hairs, and left a huge amount of sticky goop on my skin. Salon results I think not.

I used 5 of the 12 strips & 2 of the 4 clean up sachets in my efforts. And nothing. I tried and tried to get this to work, and I really wanted it to. But it doesn't. But to double check it wasn't just me, or I was doing it wrong, I asked around a couple of ladies I knew that were testing this as well, and same problem, couldn't get it to work any which way. I honestly think you'd have more success in waxing your legs with cellotape. A massive disappointment! Now pass me the razor! 

So ladies, have you tried this? Did you have any luck with it at all? 


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Tatty Devine Dog On Wheels Necklace & What I Got In My Lucky Dip

Hello ladies. 

I have a confession. Beauty is not my first love. This seems like a real faux pas seeing as this is primarily a beauty blog, but as someone who barely wore make up until I was 18, there was something before, jewellery. Among my favourite jewellery brands, Tatty Devine has to be high up on the list. So when a few weeks back Tatty Devine had their annual Sample Sale & released the lucky dip boxes online, I was sold & made a little order. 

So, I debated ordering a couple of lucky dips, but decided to order a necklace I'd been lusting after for a while. 

I ordered the dog on wheels necklace, this was originally a collaboration piece with Sebastien & Belle, but it only came as a brooch, and as much as I loved it I always wanted it as a necklace. So when it came out a mainline piece as a necklace I was sold!

The dog itself is made of wood, with plastic wheels & a plastic bone, but it also has adjustable ears, so you can make it a surprised doggie if you wanted too! As with all Tatty Devine, its not cheap, so this necklace comes in at £30, and I know that's a fair bit for a necklace but I do love it, and as someone who rarely spends much on clothes... It's a weak justification I know but I just loved it!

If you follow me on instagram (jetley is my user name if you fancy) you might of seen I wore it last week, and I just adore it! 

But the main reason I made an order was to get a lucky dip box. These boxes came in two sizes, a small box for £15 which would have 2 to 3 items in, and a large box for £35 which would have around 4 to 5 items in. It wasn't just a couple of previous collections you could receive, it could of been anything from any collection from the last 15 years. As I prefer the smaller bits from Tatty Devine I decided to go for the smaller £15 box, as I thought it was less likely I'd get a large piece. But, I've never been very lucky when it comes to things like this...

So, my reasoning was very wrong! I received a massive film reel necklace, a doily ring & some little bow earrings. I was just a little bit gutted, so I was going to put it all on eBay but I saw on the Tatty Devine Facebook page that every weekend after the sample sale & lucky dip weekend they open up a swap shop forum, so if you didn't get something you liked you could swap it, which was a fantastic idea! I took my bits on the forum & managed to set up some swaps, so here's what I swapped for. 

First up, I swapped the doily ring for this dandelion seed necklace. Its a cluster pendant necklace with two charms and two little beads. I like this necklace but it's a bit of an odd length so I'm not sure if I will keep this, but I might try giving it a wear and seeing if I like more with the right clothes. 

Now this swap I was so unbelievably chuffed with. I swapped my film reel necklace for this amazing party popper brooch! This brooch actually started my love for Tatty Devine! I saw it on a girls bag years a go & love it so I went home and googled it, and up popped Tatty Devine! So I am so pleased to finally own this! 

I ended up keeping the little bows, nothing something I would of picked for myself but I think they will get at least some wear.

So, after a a bit of faff the lucky dip worked out really nicely! Did any of you get a lucky dip box? Were you pleased with what you got?


Friday, 17 May 2013

Beauty Swap From Canada

Hello lovelies.

Lets face it, some post is just more exciting that others, and a beauty swap is about the most exciting type of post there is! I recently joined a group on Facebook called Be A Beauty Correspondent, a group dedicated to setting up international beauty swaps, which is fantastic fun & a really nice way to try new products from new countries. So I thought I'd share what I received in my box with you lovely lot. 

She sent me a really lovely varied box. 

Revlon Custom Eyes palette, really pretty eye shadows & I don't think we have these here (correct me if I'm wrong!) so I'm excited to try this. 
Essence eyeshadow singles & mini lipglosses that will be fab for my bag. 
Nail rock nail wraps, I've never tried these before so it will be fun to give them a whirl. 
There's another eyeshadow palette here too but I'm not sure where it's from but the colours look super pretty.

St Ives Deep Restoring Body Lotion. The only St Ives item I'm even aware of is the scrub, but it's nice to see something else from them.
Elf flawless eyeshadow smokey eye look palette, I've never seen this offering from Elf & I'm looking forward to giving this a go. 
Essence Gel Eyeliner Brush, I actually really needed one of these so this is really handy!
Elf Eyeshadow brush, I have one of these and it's actually a really nice brush so happy to find this. 

Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea Body Lotion. This seems to be a firm favourite among many American bloggers & I can see why, it's a really nice floral scent without being a full flowers up the nose experience. I love the Bath & Body works lotions so was really happy to receive this. 
Bath & Body Works Anti Bacterial hand sanitizers in Fresh Picked Strawberries & Berry Sangria. I use these anti bacs every day, and they are fantastic, they are so highly scented so they don't have the horrid alcohol smell. I love fruit scents so these are both so up my street!
Hand Sanitizer holder. This is a sleeve for sticking your hand gels in & attaching to your keys or your jacket, which is super handy as they do sometimes get lost in my bag. 

Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom body lotion. This is a massive full sized bottle so I'm going to have all the B&BW lotion for as long as I want! I love this smell, it smells very clean almost like a cotton scent. 
Pure Calmille 2 in 1 toner & cleanser from Yves Rocher. I've never tried anything from this brand before but I know that people love it so I'm looking forward to trying this. 

EOS lip balm in Lemon Drop. I love the EOS lip balms, they are fantastic and I love the egg shape, I've tried the summer fruits before but not the lemon so I'm happy to have another! 
Essence Colour Arts Eye Base. This is an eyelid primer that is more of a glitter glue, very sticky so I'm going to use this to glue down pigments.
Essence Lip Balm. I love lip balms so always happy to try them! 
Hard Candy roll on eye shadow. I've heard that people really love Hard Candy products so I'm excited to try that. 

Stila Striking In South Beach palette. I love Stila, there products are really good & I've loved everything I've tried from them so I love this. 
Essence Liquid Ink Black Eyeliner. I love eyeliner but I struggle with liquid, but its good to have something to practice with. 
Nivea lip balm. I've tried these before and I've actually finished a few so it's cool to have another. 
Burts Bees Milk & Honey body lotion. This is one of my favourite body lotions so this will be really handy to take away with me (should I ever venture further than my local city center!) 
Lip Smackers Lip Balm in Strawberry Ice Cream. I used to love lip smackers when I was little so this is really nostalgic for me! 

Loads of samples in a pretty pouch. I love samples & tend to hoard them a little so they are going straight in my samples box. 

Canada postcard & cat note pad. I love the fact she added a Canadian postcard to the box!

Maynards Swedish Berries & Fish sweeties (or Candy!) these look amazing & I've never had the berries before so I doubt these will last very long! 

So, if you wanted to give swapping internationally there might be a few things you'd want to know, so I thought I'd give a few little tips. 
  • Find someone to swap with - most people post that they are looking for people to swap with from a particular country as they might have an item in mind. Once you've found someone find out their likes & dislikes & if they want a particular product or not. If they are after something specific make sure you know you can get hold of it before you say you can.
  • Tell them your likes & dislikes too! People aren't mind readers so let them know if you hate eye shadow but love lipstick or you might not love your swap items. 
  • Be trustworthy. As with anything based on trust on the internet, you run the risk of people being untrustworthy & being "swaplifted", i.e you sends theres but yours never arrives. This has happened to me, more than once, but just try to trust your gut. If they seem to be avoiding talking to you around the date you agree to send on, or won't give you a date they are sending on, perhaps don't send yours. 
  • Set a budget. Lots of the time people will be tempted to go way way over budget, but my advice is don't, or only go over a little, or change the budget! As you might find yourself sending a box worth £50 when you only agreed £20, and when yours arrives you may find that they stuck to the budget. It's more than fair that they have as well so don't expect more than the budget. 
  • Agree on all beauty or a beauty / other items mix. Personally, I quite like food items from other countries but others might prefer the budget to go towards make up & body items. 
  • Buy them what they would want, not what you like. Variety is the spice of life, so the colours they might like might not be to your taste, but try to remember the items aren't for you. 
So those are my little tips, they aren't hard and fast rules by any means, but just tips I've found helpful when arranging these swaps! I love swapping, and it's really cool to put together a bunch of items for others too! 

So ladies, have you tried your hand at swapping? Or would you try it?