Tuesday, 28 January 2014

HUGE Lush Haul

Hello lovelies. 

I'm back! I'm all moved in and the internet has been connected, so I am good to go! Any ways, on to todays post, a huge Lush haul! Now I've moved, after 3 long years, I finally have a bath again, so I was already planning on a big Lush haul, but when I remembered that I had a gift card for Lush, well, things got a little out of control! 

Ok, so I did pick up quite a lot, but in fairness I only actually paid £1 of my own money, so... yeah that's my justification! I tried to go for things I've not tried before, or at least I don't remember trying. 

I went for this one as it's smells delicious, like an apple cinnamon drink or something! It comes in at £3.25 which is a pretty average price for Lush. 

The Comforter. 
I have wanted to try this for SO LONG. It smells like straight up raspberries, with a slight sour tone which helps it not to be too overpowering and sweet. This pretty big in size, so the idea is that it can be crumbled, in to two or three baths, so at £4.50 it's an alright price as long as your split it. 

Lord Of Misrule. 
I picked this up as I thought it was only around for Halloween so I thought I'd get it while I still could! It's quite spicy in scent, with a patchouli undertone. This was £3.30, so again it's a pretty average price. 

Again, another I fancied trying, as it's lavender scented and sounded lovely for evening when I wanted to unwind and get some sleep. This one comes in at £3.25. 

Dragons Egg. 
Ok, so I've tried this one before but it's one of my favourites. It's really exciting as it changes colour, and it has the most amazing scent, almost exactly like lemon sherbert. I loved this before & I'm sure I'll love it again! Again an average price, £3.25.

Ok, so this was a total Ali inspired purchase, as she raved to me about it so I thought I'd give it a whirl! To me, this smells like straight up lemongrass, which happens to bee one of my favourite scents of all time. Again it comes in at a pretty average price, £3.25. 

The Love Locket. 
So, this is brand new bath bomb for Valentines 2014, and it's one of Lush's 3 use Bath Bombs that your meant to smash apart to reveal a smaller bath bomb. And to be honest if it doesn't I will be pissed as it was a whopping £6.95. Which in my opinion is a bit ridicolous, but as I had a gift card I thought I might as well! 

Sex Bomb. 
This is an old favourite of mine, it's actually the first bath bomb I ever tried from Lush! It's a really girly scent, with notes of Ylang Ylang. It's probably always going to be a favourite of mine! This one came in at £3.25.

So, I would say that I'm on pretty good terms with the staff at Lush, which is shown by these awesome freebies! The first two are Father Christmas bath bombs, which I was given when I was saying I was sad I'd missed the Christmas bath bombs. 

The other is a small slice of the Neon Love soap, which I was umming and arring over as I couldn't smell anything any more after smelling so many bath bombs! I loved it instantly, and I've already gone back for a bigger bit as it's limited edition for Lush! 

So, all in all it came to an eye watering £31.00, but luckily I only had to pay £1 out of pocket! So, do you have any recommendations for what bath bombs to try! 



  1. I love The Comforter, It's one of my all time favourite Lush products. So jealous of your haul though, I'm waiting for some bits to arrive from Bomb Cosmetics so I'm pretty excited for them too! x


  2. Amazing haul! I adore Lush so much. You picked up some great bits.

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  3. YAY :D Honey Bee and Rose Jam are also lovely and I know you don't like the shower jellies but Sweetie Pie is really nice if you use it inside an exfoliating glove ^_^ x

  4. I love The Comforter and Sex Bomb
    : ]

  5. I love The Comforter! I want to try Lord of Misrule. Need to add Fizzbanger to my to-try list, I love cinnamon! xx

  6. Can never go wrong with lush baths! I'll be having one tomorrow after work. ^_^

    I can recommend you so many bath bombs to try out!

    Honey Bee, Space Girl and Think Pink bath bombs.

    Creamy Candy bubble bar and all the bath melts! :D



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