Sunday, 12 January 2014

MUA Luxe Velvet Lips In Funk

Hello lovelies. 

MUA seem to have a new product every other week, and honestly, hardly any of them ever catch my eye. However, when the lovely Ali was telling me about the MUA Velvet Lips I was intrigued. The Lime Crime Velvetines took the blogging world by storm last year, and although I liked the idea none of the colours jumped out at me, and these are supposed to be a very similar idea, and seeing as it was only £3 I thought I'd give it a go. 

As the Velvet Lips are part of the MUA Luxe range, the outer packaging and the tube itself have much more of a luxurious feel than other MUA products. The tube is frosted glass with a plastic screw cap with gold lettering. 

Velvet lips are lip "lacquers" or glosses that dry down to matte, which claims to be "Smudge Proof & Long Lasting". All the shades available are pretty bright, verging on neon, colours. I went for Funk, which is a bright hot pink shade. 

So, this is the colour on the lips, a gorgeous hot pink that's bright without being too much. However, the colour is about the only thing I like about this product. Firstly, the lip lacquer is really thick, and even once dry I find incredibly uncomfortable on the lips, and the matte effect doesn't help as it almost feels chalky as well as being incredibly drying. However, this isn't even the worst of it. On the back on the packaging it claims to be "Quick Drying" "Smudge Proof & Long Lasting", to this MUA, I say bullshit. 

I've taken a picture of what happened after letting it dry for about 5 minutes, and then accidentally touching my lips together... If you thought the old, lip liner there, lip stick gone, look was a bad one, brace yourself...

ARGHHHH! WHYYYY! This has to win the award for the most horrendous looking lip! The lacquer itself seems to stick together and basically form little patches of stuck together product, that honestly I think we could all do without seeing! However, I thought it might just be that you need to let it dry down properly, and then it would work. No...

After letting it dry for a good 30 minutes I thought I might be on to something, and then got on with my day. THIS HAPPENED AGAIN EVERY TIME ANY MOISTURE GOT NEAR MY MOUTH! A tiny sip through a straw, trying to eat, and don't even think about licking your lips because, oh god this stuff is so uncomfortable, the product will stick to your tongue! So much for claims of long lasting and smudge proof!

All in all, a giant flop from me. I'm glad it was cheap as I've given this a few goes, still hate it, so its probably going to end up in the bin! 

Have any of you ladies tried these? Did they work for you? 



  1. It makes me sad it didn't work for you as it works quite well for me once it's properly dry :( Definitely not a Velvetine dupe though x

  2. Glad I didn't pick this up in the end after all! Shame as it looks gorgeous initially and I love the packaging!

    Sophie x

  3. I feel the same way, I ordered two of them and they are absolutely shit. Even swatching them for my upcoming blog review was traumatising enough. Definitely not something I would wear on a daily or evening basis as I would always be self concious on what they were doing, worst thing, I don't even suffer from dry lips but these made my lips dry for hours after wards!

  4. It's really sad that it isn't seeming to work for you hun. :(

    Try a lip liner as I had the exact same issues as you did! Line the lips with it and the colour in your lips and apply the liquid lipstick over the top. :)

    Also these won't work with oil so ensure that your lips are dry and oil free before you use them, one of my friends has this issue with hers and used a tissue to blog her lips dry and such before applying the product. :)

  5. Does it feel like velvet? That looks awful! You should contact the company for a refund or something.


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