Friday, 28 February 2014

Easter 2014 From Yankee Candle

Hello lovelies. 

I know Easter is a good while away, but I just couldn't wait to share the new Yankee Easter 2014 additions with you lovely lot! 

So... I obviously picked up most of the new range! In fairness... to myself... It's work research (a weak, weak excuse..)

This little guy is a bunny shaped tealight holder which has a space in it's back. It's just adorable, a white bunny with a little pink bow. He was £5.99 and available here.

The next item I picked up was the bunny Illuma-Lid, which is pretty and practical! Illuma-lids help reduced flame flickering so they candle burns evenly. I recommend everyone who loves Yankee Candle to get either an Illuma-Lid or a shade! This is currently out of stock on the website but more is on the way, and when it's back in stock it costs £6.99 here.

Last but by no means least, I decided to pick up Bunny Cake! I was unsure about this one as I tend to dislike cake scents, but this is the least cakey cake scent I've ever come across! It's incredibly sweet, and to me it kind of smells like mini eggs, sugary crispy shells and then sweet. The Easter range is only available in large jars, as they are "collector" candles, so if you want it, it is a commitment! Bunny Cake is available online for £19.99 here.

The other candle available this year, on the flipside to last years Chocolate Bunnies is White Chocolate Bunnies. I have given this a sniff and in all honesty, I wasn't impressed. It smells EXACTLY the same as Vanilla Cupcake, a standard mainline candle available all year round. I had no idea that in America white chocolate tastes like cupcakes! However, if your a fan of Vanilla Cupcake and like the jar (it is super cute, I'll give it that!) it's available online here priced at £19.99. 

So those are the bits I indulged in! I know they are "Easter" items, but in all honesty, these are staying up all year round! 

Have you ladies managed to get your hands on any of the Easter range? What did you think?


Sunday, 23 February 2014

Instagram Round Up

Hello lovelies. 

It's been a while since my last Instagram post, so I thought I'd do a little round up post. Standard cheeky plug - my username is jetley or you can find me here.

One. Two Halloween Yankees I found reduced to half price, score!

Two. Ice King birthday card & Jake the dog badge for my boyfriends birthday, he loved them!

Three. A giant Lush haul.. in fairness.. I had a gift card. I must of said that 10 times when they were ringing it all up! 

Four. MMM..Doughnut.

Five. Found a bargain in Primark, Russian doll hot water bottle reduced to £2. 

Six. Flowers and moving in cards for the new flat. 

Seven. Emma Bridgewater milk jug called Bird & Worm via eBay. 

Eight. Why is miniature versions of food always better? ALWAYS. 

Nine. Pigby! Yes, I ordered a childs piggy bank for myself!

Ten. Valentines present from the boy, Lego Movie Cuckoo Cloud Palace set. 

Eleven. What the lump?!?! Lumpy Space Princess Pop! Figure. 

Twelve. Cheeky pay day purchase, review coming soon! 

So that's my little round up, also feel free to pop your Instagram username below, I love finding new people to follow! 


Saturday, 22 February 2014

Easter & Mothers Day Hits Lush: New Product Haul

Hello lovelies. 

I know what your thinking, it's not been long since my last Lush haul, and you would be right. However, when I saw the Easter range was coming out in stores today and I thought I'd treat myself to JUST ONE of the new range. Who bets that didn't happen? Well you'd be right.

The funny thing is... I'M NOT EVEN SORRY! I honestly could of spent double, so this was me being "good" haha! 

Bunny Bubble Bar £3.25 here.
This is the little guy that caused the whole haul! I saw this little guy on the website and couldn't wait to get my hands on him. To be he smells a hell of a lot like Snow Fairy, very sweet and sugary, which is fantastic as I love love love Snow Fairy. Plus, look at him, he's so very cute and sweet looking it's going to be hard to use him! 

Bunch Of Carrots Reusable Bubble Bar - £5.95 here
Another I bought just because of the look of them! I've never used one of the reusable bubble bars but I thought this looked like fun! The scent seems quite subtle but fruity and lemony. I'm excited to give these a go! 

Rose Bubble Bar - £2.95 here
This is actually part of the mothers day range, which would make an adorable present for mothers day! This smells exactly like it looks, like rose! It really reminds me of the Rose Jam bubbleroon. 

The Brightside Bubble Bar - £4.50 here.
I was so excited to see this had come back. This is the citrus cousin of The Comforter, which is one of my favourite bubble bars, and as I love anything citrus based I'm betting I will love this!

Mumkin Bubble Bar - £2.95 here
Another one for mothers day, and another returning product. This smells just incredible, so much so I actually bought one last year just to leave in the bathroom! It's a raspberry based scent but I also get a hint of something lemony in it.

So that's what I "restricted" myself to! You can browse the full range of the Easter (here) and Mothers Day (here) range online or in store now.

Are you ladies planning to pick up any of the new bits from Lush? 


I also just had to take a photo of these two together!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Superdrug Colour Radiance Hair Dye in Fire Red

Hello lovelies. 

Hair dye, we have a love / hate relationship. I hate the faff, the dyeing process, the whole shebang. But on the other hand, I love red hair, and seeing as my pleading with the universe to just grow the colour I like have gone unheard, hair dye is the only option. I've always used the Schwarzkopf XXL dyes, however they have recently changed the formula and I just haven't been happy with the results, so I've been trying out different dyes, in the effort to find a new one I really like. So today I'm reviewing the Superdrug Colour Radiance hair dye in Fire Red. 

I decided to go for the Superdrug dye simply based on price, this stuff is mega cheap! It was offer for 2 boxes for £6, and normally one box would be between £5.50 and £7. They do a lot of different reds but I thought I'd go for Fire Red as it was the brightest red of the bunch. 

Inside the box you get your usual home dye kit, creme developer, creme colour, a little pair of gloves and a small tube of conditioner. I mixed the creme colour with the developer and did my usual slop it all over my hair, paying attention to the roots first, and then the bulk of the hair. This dye was more uncomfortable on that most hair dyes I've used recently, and I found myself desperate to itch my head more than I usually would. After about half an hour I washed it out and it came out very nicely, not quite the crazy faux blood splatter it normally is! 

This was the result! A very vibrant strong red, and I am so pleased with the out come! I did my hair around a week and a half a go and washed my hair as normal and the colour is still holding up nicely, so I am very pleased! Also a quick shout out to the conditioner in the box, it is flipping amazing! Really thick and leaves my hair impossibly shiny, I wish they sold this by the bottle! 

Overall I am really really pleased with this dye, over than the itching when waiting for it to develop it puts most hair dyes to shame in terms of performance, and I'm even going back to stock up whilst it's on offer! 

What hair dyes do you ladies use? What would you recommend?


Sunday, 16 February 2014

Lush Lord Of Misrule

Hello lovelies. 

Since having a bath again I've been on a bit of a Lush binge, and I thought I'd write up a few reviews of the ones that either impress or don't impress me. Today I'm sharing my thoughts on The Lord Of Misrule. 

The Lord Of Misrule was actually part of last years Halloween collection, however I've seen these in both Lush shops in Bristol so I'm betting you will still be able to get your hands on it pretty easily although it's no longer on the website. It's a fairly large green bath bomb with specks of pink and yellow on the surface & a star stamp in to one side. On to the good bit, dropping it in the bath! 

I dropped it in and it started fizzing really slowly, which for me is always a positive, it usually means its going to put on a bit of a show, which in this case, it certainly did! 

After a few seconds pink and purple started appearing through the green, very slowly at first. 

After a few minutes all the green melted away, the core was a deep magenta purple, which meant it make amazing swirly patterns on the surface of the water. 

The bath bomb probably took a solid 5 minutes to completely dissolve, and once it was done it left the water a deep pinky purple, with patches of green and pink left on the surface. 

In terms of scent, it wasn't my favourite, it was quite a woody scent and to be honest all I could smell is patchouli, but that being said, I didn't hate it either. I'd say its a typical "Lush" smell. However, I found it exciting to watch so it's probably one I'm going to go and try and scout out before they all go!

Lord Of Misrule is no longer available on the website, but if you can find one in store they cost £3.30 each.


Thursday, 13 February 2014

Primark Haul

Hello lovelies. 

I popped to Primark yesterday for work as I'd heard they had started to get a few bits of the spring stock in, and wanted to check it out, and ended up buying a few bits I thought I'd share with you lovely lot. 

I have to be honest, I very rarely find anything in Primark I actually end up buying, but on this trip I could of spent a small fortune! However, I walked away from some things to think about them, but this what I ended up buying! 

I went in through the accessories, and I found the first two things within about 5 seconds of each other! 

I have a lot of Primark hair accessories as on the whole they tend to be fairly good quality and really bloody cheap. I saw these mint polka dot bows with wee white roses in the middle & snapped them up instantly. These were a whopping £1.50 for two. 

Next up was half the reason I popped in! I spotted this little bunny coin purse all over Instagram and found myself wanting it more and more. I. Do. Not. Need. Another. Purse. However... it was only £2 so I decided to go with  my heart rather than my head on this one. 

Next up is clothing, which for me in Primark is pretty bloody rare. I often find either the cut or the print just a little off, but this time I was walking around going "ooh I like that" & "I LOVE that" rather than "Oh, that's nice, but if only it didn't have the middle cut out" or "That print is just a bit off". Firstly I picked up a beautiful navy dress with dark pink roses, which was reduced from £8 to just £3. The material is a little thin for this fecking weather, however once (read if) the weather ever warms up, this will be a perfect no-brainer dress. 

Next up was the other reason I was in Primark, this beautiful, beautiful jumper. I spotted this in Helen Melonladies recent Primark haul, and just had to have it. It's a gorgeous baby pink with shooting stars & stars all over it. I found it at the back of the store, and was extremely pleased to see it had been marked down to £5 from £14! It really reminds me of the Wildfox jumpers I love but just couldn't pay that much money for. It's also super soft, which sometimes I find with Primark jumpers, is really rare! 

So that was my haul, and I only spent £11.50, so I was really chuffed!

Have you ladies taken a peek at the spring range yet? Is there anything you are lusting after?


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Body Shop Absinthe Hand Cream & Hand Wash Review & 40% Off Code

Hello lovelies. 

Its been a while since I was last in The Body Shop, possibly quickly just before Christmas, but before that it'd been a good while since I last had a proper browse. However a couple of days a go I was killing a bit of time in town after I finished work, and I've had the driest hands recently, so I thought I would go in and see if I could find anything to help. I never intended to make a purchase, but it happened any way! 

I purchased two items from the Absinthe range, one based on how the tester performed and the other purely on scent!

This is the one I based on it's performance. I tried a little bit of the shop tester, and honestly didn't expect anything, but as soon as I walked part way round the shop my hands felt a lot less painful and tight. The consistency is a really light cream, almost verging on too light for my tastes but it absorbs instantly which I love, and it gets the job done. 

But, secondly, the scent. Oh, my, good, god. This is one of the most amazing smelling products I've come across in a while. Although the hand cream is called Absinthe I smell something much more akin to lemongrass, fresh and citrus based. The Absinthe range is marketed as a "purifying" range, and claims to conceal odor, but I'd go one better. The scent lingers on the hands for hours and hours, long after all the cream has gone. 

 This is the item I bought just because I adore the scent. As above, the scent is very fresh and citrus based, and as I had a voucher I couldn't resist picking this up as well! Again, the scent really lingers on the skin and left my hands feeling incredibly fresh. 

You can browse the Absinthe range here, and the hand cream was £10 for 100ml and the hand wash £5 for 250ml, but you can use the code 14665 in store or online until the 14th for 40% off, which made both items £9, well done to the Body Shop for always having vouchers about!

So ladies, what is your favourite item from The Body Shop? 


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Vintage Home Haul

Hello lovelies. 

I had a day off today, and I fancied doing a spot of retail therapy, but the city center didn't appeal so I thought I'd finally go to a couple of vintage shops I'd been eyeing up just outside of the city center. I didn't know what to expect but I did fairly well so I thought I'd share my haul with you. 

Unexpectedly ended up picking up exclusively home ware, but I was really happy with what I found! 

First up is my favourite purchase of the day, and one of my favourite finds ever. This was in a vintage shop come cafe come jumble sale, in a cabinet behind a basket of walking sticks and an old projector.. of course.. I spotted the snail and had no idea what it was as I couldn't really see it properly, so when the guy playing a banjo in the corner opened it up and let me look at it I was pleased to see it was a trinket box! Its very heavy so I'm assuming the snail is metal but the box is velvet lined. This is going straight on my jewellery and make up table! It was £10 which was quite a lot but not as much as I thought it might of been! 

From the same shop I also found this little deer planter in a sale bin for a quid, and even though her eyes are all a bit uneven, I still love it any way! I'm going to plant some cress in here as I think it would be a good size for it.

From a different sale bin in the same shop I found these plates, all reduced to 50p each. I adore the orange & pink plates the most as they feel really solid, but I do have a soft spot for the ornate b;ue & white ones. 

I found this set of 3 dessert plates & one dinner plate in the newest thrift shop in the area (Old Market, if anyone is wondering!) which was mainly vintage & antique furniture which was all stunning, however they had a few smaller items dotted around, some of which were plates! I thought these were just adorable, and I really like the colour contrast between the yellow rim & the flowers in the center. These were £4 for all 4.

This was from the same shop as the yellow plates. I went to pay for the plates but they didn't have any change & I only had a £5 note, which I was willing to just give him but the owner was a lovely American guy and refused to let me, so I went and picked something else for a quid. I think this is a card / photo holder as the stars have little loops on the back, but I'm just going to use it as decoration. 

So that's everything I bought, and I've found some new favourite browsing shops! Have you lovely ladies got any favourite browsing shops? 


Thursday, 6 February 2014

Front Porch Grubbie Wax Melts Review + Yankee Scents 4 U Haul

Hello lovelies. 

We all know I love Yankee Candle, I own way too many wax tarts and candles, but I've always wanted to try something from Front Porch. Front Porch are an American based company that makes candles, wax melts called grubbies, scoopable wax & other home fragrance products. They aren't particularly conman in the UK so I thought I'd do a little review & pop a link to where I bought them from. 

As I hadn't tried the brand before I only ordered two, Berry Lemon Ice Cream & Cherry Limeade. 

The Grubbies come in pretty little cellophane bags with a metal twist to undo them with. In terms of looks they aren't particularity pretty, they just look like balls of wax, which I guess they are! I gave the both a sniff and the Berry Lemon Ice Cream is an incredibly zesty lemon scent with a really creamy edge & Cherry Limeade is mainly cherry scented but has a sharp undertone which cuts the sweetness of the cherry.

Grubbies, like Yankee Wax tarts, don't have a wick so they need to be placed in a tart / oil burner with a plain tea light lit at the bottom. 

After lighting the tea light the Grubbie started to melt within about 5 minutes, and before it even started melting properly the fragrance started coming through, and oh boy these little things are STRONG! 

After about 20 minutes the wax was almost fully melted, and the fragrance packed a punch like nothing else I've ever tried. I placed the burner in the kitchen & sat back down in the living room and it smelt as strong as if I was burning right next to my face. Even my boyfriend, who never, ever notices when I'm burning something, commented on the fragrance, saying it smelt like sweets. As it's been burning he's said at least 3 times about how nice & strong the fragrance is!

I am really, REALLY, impressed with the Front Porch Grubbies, the scent pay off for something so small is just incredible. I've only found one place in the UK to order Front Porch, which is from Yankee Scents 4 U. The Grubbies cost £1.50 each, and you can browse the huge array of fragrances here! I've got my eye on Pink Peppermint, Lavender Watermelon, Cotton Candy Apple & Raspberry Peach just to name a few! 

I also picked up a few other Yankee bits from Yankee Scents 4 U, so I thought I'd share them with you lovely lot. 

So I picked up a fair few accessories, which are one of my biggest shopping weaknesses, but they were all on offer... so... you know... 

Snowmen Jar Topper - This was reduced to 99p because the smallest snowman is missing his nose, but you can barely tell so I'm pleased with that! 

Gnome & Tree Log Votive Holder - I just loved this! It's so beyond kitsch and cutest I adore it. This was reduced to £3.75. 

Two Grubbies - Wish I'd ordered more now! 

Violets Plate - This was in super clearance and reduced to 75p, how could I resist! 

Bluebirds Illumalid - I'd been looking everywhere for this, so when I spotted it was the last one in stock and reduced to £6.99 I had to have it! 

Kitschy Kitchen Plate - Another clearance item, reduced to 99p! 

That was everything I ordered, and I'm always impressed with how quickly the order arrives, ordered on Tuesday and it arrived this morning via Interlink, which is great because they text you an hour slot that they will deliver it in, not too shabby!

So ladies, what do you think? Do you think you might like to try something from Front Porch?