Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Body Shop Absinthe Hand Cream & Hand Wash Review & 40% Off Code

Hello lovelies. 

Its been a while since I was last in The Body Shop, possibly quickly just before Christmas, but before that it'd been a good while since I last had a proper browse. However a couple of days a go I was killing a bit of time in town after I finished work, and I've had the driest hands recently, so I thought I would go in and see if I could find anything to help. I never intended to make a purchase, but it happened any way! 

I purchased two items from the Absinthe range, one based on how the tester performed and the other purely on scent!

This is the one I based on it's performance. I tried a little bit of the shop tester, and honestly didn't expect anything, but as soon as I walked part way round the shop my hands felt a lot less painful and tight. The consistency is a really light cream, almost verging on too light for my tastes but it absorbs instantly which I love, and it gets the job done. 

But, secondly, the scent. Oh, my, good, god. This is one of the most amazing smelling products I've come across in a while. Although the hand cream is called Absinthe I smell something much more akin to lemongrass, fresh and citrus based. The Absinthe range is marketed as a "purifying" range, and claims to conceal odor, but I'd go one better. The scent lingers on the hands for hours and hours, long after all the cream has gone. 

 This is the item I bought just because I adore the scent. As above, the scent is very fresh and citrus based, and as I had a voucher I couldn't resist picking this up as well! Again, the scent really lingers on the skin and left my hands feeling incredibly fresh. 

You can browse the Absinthe range here, and the hand cream was £10 for 100ml and the hand wash £5 for 250ml, but you can use the code 14665 in store or online until the 14th for 40% off, which made both items £9, well done to the Body Shop for always having vouchers about!

So ladies, what is your favourite item from The Body Shop? 


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  1. I really like the absinthe hand cream and it's something I'll probably pick up soon for work. :D


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