Thursday, 6 February 2014

Front Porch Grubbie Wax Melts Review + Yankee Scents 4 U Haul

Hello lovelies. 

We all know I love Yankee Candle, I own way too many wax tarts and candles, but I've always wanted to try something from Front Porch. Front Porch are an American based company that makes candles, wax melts called grubbies, scoopable wax & other home fragrance products. They aren't particularly conman in the UK so I thought I'd do a little review & pop a link to where I bought them from. 

As I hadn't tried the brand before I only ordered two, Berry Lemon Ice Cream & Cherry Limeade. 

The Grubbies come in pretty little cellophane bags with a metal twist to undo them with. In terms of looks they aren't particularity pretty, they just look like balls of wax, which I guess they are! I gave the both a sniff and the Berry Lemon Ice Cream is an incredibly zesty lemon scent with a really creamy edge & Cherry Limeade is mainly cherry scented but has a sharp undertone which cuts the sweetness of the cherry.

Grubbies, like Yankee Wax tarts, don't have a wick so they need to be placed in a tart / oil burner with a plain tea light lit at the bottom. 

After lighting the tea light the Grubbie started to melt within about 5 minutes, and before it even started melting properly the fragrance started coming through, and oh boy these little things are STRONG! 

After about 20 minutes the wax was almost fully melted, and the fragrance packed a punch like nothing else I've ever tried. I placed the burner in the kitchen & sat back down in the living room and it smelt as strong as if I was burning right next to my face. Even my boyfriend, who never, ever notices when I'm burning something, commented on the fragrance, saying it smelt like sweets. As it's been burning he's said at least 3 times about how nice & strong the fragrance is!

I am really, REALLY, impressed with the Front Porch Grubbies, the scent pay off for something so small is just incredible. I've only found one place in the UK to order Front Porch, which is from Yankee Scents 4 U. The Grubbies cost £1.50 each, and you can browse the huge array of fragrances here! I've got my eye on Pink Peppermint, Lavender Watermelon, Cotton Candy Apple & Raspberry Peach just to name a few! 

I also picked up a few other Yankee bits from Yankee Scents 4 U, so I thought I'd share them with you lovely lot. 

So I picked up a fair few accessories, which are one of my biggest shopping weaknesses, but they were all on offer... so... you know... 

Snowmen Jar Topper - This was reduced to 99p because the smallest snowman is missing his nose, but you can barely tell so I'm pleased with that! 

Gnome & Tree Log Votive Holder - I just loved this! It's so beyond kitsch and cutest I adore it. This was reduced to £3.75. 

Two Grubbies - Wish I'd ordered more now! 

Violets Plate - This was in super clearance and reduced to 75p, how could I resist! 

Bluebirds Illumalid - I'd been looking everywhere for this, so when I spotted it was the last one in stock and reduced to £6.99 I had to have it! 

Kitschy Kitchen Plate - Another clearance item, reduced to 99p! 

That was everything I ordered, and I'm always impressed with how quickly the order arrives, ordered on Tuesday and it arrived this morning via Interlink, which is great because they text you an hour slot that they will deliver it in, not too shabby!

So ladies, what do you think? Do you think you might like to try something from Front Porch? 


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  1. I've had a look on that website and boy do they have some goodies! :D

    I've seem a large shade and tray I want by Yankee Candle and since checking out the Grubby Tarts, I've seen Blue Raspberry Bubble Gum that I'd like to try. :D


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