Sunday, 23 February 2014

Instagram Round Up

Hello lovelies. 

It's been a while since my last Instagram post, so I thought I'd do a little round up post. Standard cheeky plug - my username is jetley or you can find me here.

One. Two Halloween Yankees I found reduced to half price, score!

Two. Ice King birthday card & Jake the dog badge for my boyfriends birthday, he loved them!

Three. A giant Lush haul.. in fairness.. I had a gift card. I must of said that 10 times when they were ringing it all up! 

Four. MMM..Doughnut.

Five. Found a bargain in Primark, Russian doll hot water bottle reduced to £2. 

Six. Flowers and moving in cards for the new flat. 

Seven. Emma Bridgewater milk jug called Bird & Worm via eBay. 

Eight. Why is miniature versions of food always better? ALWAYS. 

Nine. Pigby! Yes, I ordered a childs piggy bank for myself!

Ten. Valentines present from the boy, Lego Movie Cuckoo Cloud Palace set. 

Eleven. What the lump?!?! Lumpy Space Princess Pop! Figure. 

Twelve. Cheeky pay day purchase, review coming soon! 

So that's my little round up, also feel free to pop your Instagram username below, I love finding new people to follow! 



  1. Aw love the Russian Doll hot water bottle!
    instagram: @jessicaellie_x
    x x x

  2. so many cute things!

    from helen at

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