Sunday, 16 February 2014

Lush Lord Of Misrule

Hello lovelies. 

Since having a bath again I've been on a bit of a Lush binge, and I thought I'd write up a few reviews of the ones that either impress or don't impress me. Today I'm sharing my thoughts on The Lord Of Misrule. 

The Lord Of Misrule was actually part of last years Halloween collection, however I've seen these in both Lush shops in Bristol so I'm betting you will still be able to get your hands on it pretty easily although it's no longer on the website. It's a fairly large green bath bomb with specks of pink and yellow on the surface & a star stamp in to one side. On to the good bit, dropping it in the bath! 

I dropped it in and it started fizzing really slowly, which for me is always a positive, it usually means its going to put on a bit of a show, which in this case, it certainly did! 

After a few seconds pink and purple started appearing through the green, very slowly at first. 

After a few minutes all the green melted away, the core was a deep magenta purple, which meant it make amazing swirly patterns on the surface of the water. 

The bath bomb probably took a solid 5 minutes to completely dissolve, and once it was done it left the water a deep pinky purple, with patches of green and pink left on the surface. 

In terms of scent, it wasn't my favourite, it was quite a woody scent and to be honest all I could smell is patchouli, but that being said, I didn't hate it either. I'd say its a typical "Lush" smell. However, I found it exciting to watch so it's probably one I'm going to go and try and scout out before they all go!

Lord Of Misrule is no longer available on the website, but if you can find one in store they cost £3.30 each.



  1. I do really like the look of this, but I don't know if I will like the smell. :S I wish I'd given it a sniff when I went to Lush recently. :(

  2. Hey! Just to let you know I tagged you to do the lipstick tag! :D

  3. I love how this looks, the colours are amazing! <3

    Jennie xo |


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