Tuesday, 4 February 2014

New Flat Snap Shots

Hello lovelies. 

Over the last few weeks I've been in the process of moving at extremely short notice, and by short I mean my boyfriend & I saw the flat online on Saturday, saw it on the Sunday, got the keys on Monday & moved on the Tuesday! So things have all been all over the place for the last few weeks, and I've said "do you know where X is..." more times than any person ought to! But I finally feel properly settled in now, so I thought I'd share a few snap shots of my new flat with you lovely ladies! 

This is by far my favourite new addition to the house, this sofa! I found this sofa in next clearance reduced from £1200 to £325! It's my Birthday & Christmas present from my parents and I couldn't be happier with it, I've adopted the long bit as my seat! 

I bought some roses for the kitchen to put by a couple of lovely house warming cards we have received.

My favourite part of the kitchen is the window by the sink which I've displayed some bits on, including my Salty Sea Dog Gromit, my Qualy bunny scissors & the latest edition is a "Mexican Cactus" I found & bought in Tesco for my boyfriends birthday, because it made me giggle! 

One of the more exciting areas of the new flat is the balcony! I haven't had outside space for years and years and I'm loving planning what I'm going to plant! However its still a wee bit cold for most of the things I want to plant so for now I've just got this solar powered light up frog & wee toadstool out there. 

So, at the moment I've got all my make up resting on a bookshelf unit from Ikea, but I've actually got the space for a dresser, so when the pennies are saved up I'm looking forward to having a real home for my make up! 

This flat also has a spare bathroom, and as mentioned previously, a bath! It's a beautiful thing, after going without one for so long, to then have the option to have a bath! It's also got a stand alone shower which is really nice to actually have both! 

So those are my snap shots ladies! I am so happy in my new place, and looking forward to adding to it little by little! 



  1. This looks like the perfect little flat - especially with a bath and outside space!

  2. Awh your flat looks lovely and homely. Xx

  3. Love the toadstool! You may want to keep your perfume in a cool dark place.

  4. I love these kinds of posts, the flat look lovely, I'd love to have a balcony!! That couch is luuuush, you definitely claimed the right seat. ;)
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  5. Your flat looks gorgeous! :D

    Glad you're all moved in and settled now. ^_^


  6. The new flat looks lovely. Well done you on moving so quickly, I'm not sure I could of coped! xx

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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