Thursday, 13 February 2014

Primark Haul

Hello lovelies. 

I popped to Primark yesterday for work as I'd heard they had started to get a few bits of the spring stock in, and wanted to check it out, and ended up buying a few bits I thought I'd share with you lovely lot. 

I have to be honest, I very rarely find anything in Primark I actually end up buying, but on this trip I could of spent a small fortune! However, I walked away from some things to think about them, but this what I ended up buying! 

I went in through the accessories, and I found the first two things within about 5 seconds of each other! 

I have a lot of Primark hair accessories as on the whole they tend to be fairly good quality and really bloody cheap. I saw these mint polka dot bows with wee white roses in the middle & snapped them up instantly. These were a whopping £1.50 for two. 

Next up was half the reason I popped in! I spotted this little bunny coin purse all over Instagram and found myself wanting it more and more. I. Do. Not. Need. Another. Purse. However... it was only £2 so I decided to go with  my heart rather than my head on this one. 

Next up is clothing, which for me in Primark is pretty bloody rare. I often find either the cut or the print just a little off, but this time I was walking around going "ooh I like that" & "I LOVE that" rather than "Oh, that's nice, but if only it didn't have the middle cut out" or "That print is just a bit off". Firstly I picked up a beautiful navy dress with dark pink roses, which was reduced from £8 to just £3. The material is a little thin for this fecking weather, however once (read if) the weather ever warms up, this will be a perfect no-brainer dress. 

Next up was the other reason I was in Primark, this beautiful, beautiful jumper. I spotted this in Helen Melonladies recent Primark haul, and just had to have it. It's a gorgeous baby pink with shooting stars & stars all over it. I found it at the back of the store, and was extremely pleased to see it had been marked down to £5 from £14! It really reminds me of the Wildfox jumpers I love but just couldn't pay that much money for. It's also super soft, which sometimes I find with Primark jumpers, is really rare! 

So that was my haul, and I only spent £11.50, so I was really chuffed!

Have you ladies taken a peek at the spring range yet? Is there anything you are lusting after?



  1. I saw that jumper in Helen's video too and fell in love - wow at £5 I may have to pick it up too! xx

  2. I saw that jumper in Melons video as well and fell in love but didn't want to really pay that much for it, but if it has been reduced.. I might have to make a trip to Primark! Also loved the stripey dress she bought.
    Amy xo


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