Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Vintage Home Haul

Hello lovelies. 

I had a day off today, and I fancied doing a spot of retail therapy, but the city center didn't appeal so I thought I'd finally go to a couple of vintage shops I'd been eyeing up just outside of the city center. I didn't know what to expect but I did fairly well so I thought I'd share my haul with you. 

Unexpectedly ended up picking up exclusively home ware, but I was really happy with what I found! 

First up is my favourite purchase of the day, and one of my favourite finds ever. This was in a vintage shop come cafe come jumble sale, in a cabinet behind a basket of walking sticks and an old projector.. of course.. I spotted the snail and had no idea what it was as I couldn't really see it properly, so when the guy playing a banjo in the corner opened it up and let me look at it I was pleased to see it was a trinket box! Its very heavy so I'm assuming the snail is metal but the box is velvet lined. This is going straight on my jewellery and make up table! It was £10 which was quite a lot but not as much as I thought it might of been! 

From the same shop I also found this little deer planter in a sale bin for a quid, and even though her eyes are all a bit uneven, I still love it any way! I'm going to plant some cress in here as I think it would be a good size for it.

From a different sale bin in the same shop I found these plates, all reduced to 50p each. I adore the orange & pink plates the most as they feel really solid, but I do have a soft spot for the ornate b;ue & white ones. 

I found this set of 3 dessert plates & one dinner plate in the newest thrift shop in the area (Old Market, if anyone is wondering!) which was mainly vintage & antique furniture which was all stunning, however they had a few smaller items dotted around, some of which were plates! I thought these were just adorable, and I really like the colour contrast between the yellow rim & the flowers in the center. These were £4 for all 4.

This was from the same shop as the yellow plates. I went to pay for the plates but they didn't have any change & I only had a £5 note, which I was willing to just give him but the owner was a lovely American guy and refused to let me, so I went and picked something else for a quid. I think this is a card / photo holder as the stars have little loops on the back, but I'm just going to use it as decoration. 

So that's everything I bought, and I've found some new favourite browsing shops! Have you lovely ladies got any favourite browsing shops? 


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  1. I want that star holder!
    Everything these days is hearts, and I'm just not that into hearts. Give me stars anyday!


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