Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Bargain Perfume Alert! Katy Perry Meow Perfume For £4.99

Hello lovelies. 

I've been on a little bit of a "perfume ban" for a while, because I am trying to use up the ones I had, but when I was in B&M Bargains the other day I couldn't help but have a look at the perfume cupboard! And it ended up, obviously it's me, in a purchase! 

In true cat lady fashion, it's a kitty shaped perfume! Meow by Katy Perry, which is the second perfume from Katy Perry. 

In terms of bottle design, which lets face it, does play a part in being attracted to a perfume, it's pretty sweet if probably aimed a young audience. The bottle is a soft pink rounded body with a kitty shaped head, with blingy eyes and an "m" charm collar. 

In terms of scent, I would say it's quite sweet and fruity but with a soft powdery edge, however the top notes of this perfume are pear, gardenia, jasmine, and tangerine with base notes of amber, sandalwood, creamy musk, and effervescent vanilla.

The bottle I bought was only 15mls, so I've put it beside a 30ml Jo Malone perfume bottle for comparison, and it is a diddy little thing, however I really wish that more perfumes would come in 15mls, it would be easier to try more fragrances, and more importantly, cheaper! 15mls will still last a good while! 

So, as I mentioned, I picked this up in B&M bargains, for the bargain price of just £4.99! Meow wasn't the only wee 15ml perfume they had either, off the top of my head they had the new Beyonce NYC perfume as well of one of the Rhianna perfumes. However I've found a 30ml bottle of Meow online here for £11.85.

Are you ladies loving the idea of small 15ml bottles? Or is bigger always better?


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  1. For £4.99 I'd give this a go! :D



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