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NOT A Yankee Candle Wax Haul! Kringle Candle Haul & Review

Hello lovelies.

A lot of you will be thinking YOU WHAT?! You, Jade, lover of all things Yankee Candle, have been buying A DIFFERENT CANDLE BRAND?! I know, i know! It feels wrong. But at the same time.. so so right! I bought a few from a shop in Bath and ended up making an order online, so I thought I'd share a collective haul!

So the word haul might as well be replaced with spree here, so here is my collective spree... !

The largest part of my spree, and the one thing I certainly didn't need any more of, were these wax tarts, but they are wax tarts with a twist! But more on that in a minute. I went for:

Watercolour - This features in this spree haul, a lot! It's the most perfect twist of floral and sandalwood, almost fruity and slightly sweet.

Sparkling - This is a fruity mix of lemon and lime with a sweet undertone, think a lemon & lime sparkling drink.

Petals In Water - A rose & lilac scent with a light musk undertone.

Pancake Breakfast - A mix of maple syrup and a very light cinnamon. I'm not usually a foody scent fan but this tastes good enough to eat!

Under The Sea - A mix of lemon and tea which is light and fresh.

Now as I said these are wax tarts with a difference! Usually wax tarts are designed to be used all at once, but Kringle mixed things up.

These are breakable wax tarts! Designed to be split up in to the pre molded pieces and you can store the rest in the little plastic pots they come in.These are a great price, at £2.15 each you can get about 5 uses from one!

The tarts are actually quite big, about the same width as a Yankee wax tarts but about twice as deep. I found that burning one chunk will give a decent throw of scent, but two is best for an amazing scent impact.

Next up is another candle form I've only seen from Kringle, a candle called a "Daylight". It's basically a big tea light that burns for around 12 hours. These are basically the Kringle versions of vovtives or "sampler" Yankee candles, however these are burnt in the packaging they come in, so you don't need a separate holder. These are around £2.50 each.

I bought this in Candle Time, a shop in Bath, because they didn't have Watercolour in anything bigger, but once I burnt a chunk of the tart, this happened...

I folded and ended up going for the large two wick candle. I know, I am weak! It's beautiful fragrance however, and I don't think I will ever get sick of it! This was £21.99, which is slightly more expensive than Yankee Candle, as this has a 100 hour burn time, and a large Yankee Candle at £19.99 would burn for around 110 to 150 hours.

Kringle Candles also have a distinctive bright white wax, which is because Kringle Candles use 100% dye free wax. The tumblers they candles are in are also completely food safe & they encourage reusing the tumblers when the candle is finished. 

However, Kringle and Yankee aren't too far apart, as the father of Mike Kitteredge, the founder of Kringle, was also one of the founders of Yankee Candle before retiring thinking his days of wax slinging were over, until his son started making candles for a college project, and shortly after Kringle Candle was born. 

Overall I am very impressed with Kringle Candles, I've only slightly dipped my toes in to the Kringle world but everything I've tried has been so spot on! Although I think I'll always be a Yankee Candle girl at heart, it's nice to mix it up with a different brand! 

Have you ladies got any favourite candle brands outside of Yankee Candle?


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  1. I really want to try more Kringle! The only things I've tried is the tarts I bought for me and you in Meadowhall a while ago :) x


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