Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Spring Ikea Haul

Hello lovelies. 

There are a few things that I love about Bristol, but one of them has to be my 10 minute proximity to Ikea. I bloody love the place. I know that it's probably the "marmite" of the furniture world, some love it, some hate it, but I love love love it! 

I needed a few bits, and obviously, as it's Ikea, I ended up buying much more than I intended! 

First thing I picked up was this tray, with crabs on it! I picked this up to arrange my large candles. They had this style in lots of different patterns and I think it was around £4. 

I've put the 3 large candles I'm burning at the moment along with a few little bits and pieces I keep on the side. It looks a lot neater and I like the fact it looks like the crabs are holding the candles on their backs! 

This was one of the things I actually "needed". I think in almost every home, is a Ribba Ikea frame. It's just a great basic frame, that comes in a variety of colours and sizes. I picked up one single for a photo I had taken at the Harry Potter studio tour and a multiple picture one as I thought it looked really nice. The single frame was £2.25 and the multiple was £5.

Volia! One photo in a frame! I need to get some photos printed for the multiple slot frame, which I'm hoping to get round to this week. 

Next up I picked up this metal enamel bowl which I just love! It's a bright canary yellow on top with 3 hot pink prongs that hold the bowl up. I thought this was amazing but I could only find one that had a few marks on, so they reduced it to £5 for me, score! 

I decided to use this as a fruit bowl, and it really brightens up what is a bit of a dark corner of my kitchen. 

Next up, Boring stuff! Hooray! Ikea is fantastic for picking up crap you need, but really don't want to spend a lot of money on. The jar was 85p, and I love them for storing food like cereal or rice in. Coat hangers, good solid sturdy plastic hangers and they cost all of 60p for 4, I always pick up a few packs because I always seem to need them! And more exciting that anything else... WASHING UP BRUSHES! They were 20p each so I thought I'd just stock up while I was there and bought 5. A peeler, because I've seemingly lost mine in the move & I hate peeling veggies with a knife! Ikea sell a range of basic kitchen tools for between 60p and £1.50.

Ok, so vaguely boring but also kind of exciting. I'm starting to find my winter duvet just a little too warm, so I thought I'd grab a really thin one while I was passing. This duvet is pretty much as thing as a sheet, and is only for the warmest months of the year, but it's a blessing for hot nights if, like me, you can't sleep without a duvet. 

My boyfriend decided he really wanted these stick on ghost mirrors, and seeing as he had stood with me choosing fruit bowls for a good 15 minutes, I thought he deserved them! He's already put them up! 

WoOoOoOohOOOOO scary ghost mirror! 

Next up, my favourite purchase of the day, fabric! Since we moved in to the new place we've been stuck with stupid horrible bright red curtains that were here when we moved in. However, curtains are stupidly expensive, and usually stupid boring. So I decided to get some fabric and make my own. Ikea has a lot of nice fabrics to choose from, but I chose the above as it was nice and colourful. I also picked up some wonder webb to take up the seams to the right lengths.

As I was using wonder webb it only took about 20 minutes to make both curtains for the kitchen, and I really like how they turned out! Really adds a nice splash of colour to an otherwise quite white room! 

So that was my Ikea haul! How about you ladies, are you an Ikea lover or a hater?


Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter!

Hello lovelies. 

Just a quick one from me today to wish you all a very Happy Easter! I hope you are all having a lovely day whatever your plans are! I'm spending mine having a little spring clean, but most importantly having a day off!

Happy Easter!

Have you had a nice day? 


Friday, 11 April 2014

Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour

Hello lovelies. 

On Tuesday it my was my 9 years anniversary with my boyfriend, and to celebrate we booked the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour, as we are both massive Harry Potter fans! It was utterly amazing, and a must if your a fan of the books, films or both! I thought I'd share some of my favourite snaps with you lovely lot, and I've been asked a few different questions about the tour since I was back, so I thought I'd do a little Q & A at the end. 

The attention to detail throughout the tour is staggering. Everything is really well presented, and best of all just behind velvet ropes, so you can get a good look at everything! As I mentioned above I've been asked a few different questions about the tour, which I thought might be helpful to answer in case your planning a visit. 

Is Hedwig always there?
No. This is part of "Feathers & Flight 2014" which is running throughout April, but I know that they often have Animal actors visiting the tour, so it's worth checking on the website if they might be there.

Is the gift shop good? 
Uh. A wee bit controversial but I have to say, not really. One, its both the start and the end of the tour, therefore it's stupid busy, like can't move busy, and it needs to be at least twice the size. But mostly, there isn't a huge amount of variety. It's basically two sections, more expensive collectors pieces and everything else. It's a lot of "House" items, so that's covered, but I felt like they were missing variety.

Is the gift shop expensive? 
Oh god, yes. Hoodies and jumpers range between £35 to £90, wands are all £25, keyrings are about £7.95, chocolate frogs are also £7.95, mugs are around £10, and the premium items such as a time turner necklace were around the £40 mark.   

How long does the tour take? 
Well that's kind of up to you. There is only about 15 minutes of guided tour and then your free to set your own pace. We went quite slowly, took lots of photos, stopped to sit down etc and we took roughly 4 hours. 

Favourite part? 
Meeting Hedwig! But also I have to say I have a soft spot for Hagrids hut! 

So whose been to the tour? What did you think? 


Sunday, 6 April 2014

NEW Nails Inc Floral Nail Varnish in Daisy Lane

Hello lovelies. 

I managed to pick up something very exciting today and brand spanking new. So new in fact it's still exclusive to Harvey Nichols at the moment. I am talking about the Nails Inc Floral range. I first saw the promo photograph for these around Christmas and I was sold from then on, novelty shaped glitter?! I'M THERE!

So as well as the slight font change, the cap has had a floral update as well. Instead of the plain silver it has a pretty white rose design over the top. I do love a limited edition bottle! 

Daisy Lane is a soft pink base colour with white specks and baby pink & red daisy shaped matte sequins. 

On the finger the base pink is very sheer, you could possibly build it but I think it would be best for layering. The white dots apply fairly evenly, they are fairly tightly packed in. As for the sequins, the beautiful beautiful floral sequins, they are easy to get out of the bottle, which is about all I require from nail varnish! You can see a lot of them packed in to the bottle so I found I could get one sequin with every brush dip. 

The sequins lay really flat, which means they don't catch on the corners, I think they are incredibly thin sequins which helps. I love this nail varnish, it is just utterly perfect for spring! 

The Floral range is slightly more expensive than other from Nail Inc, at £12 it's in the "treat" bracket for me, but I've been dreaming of this nail varnish for months. You can browse them online here or in store nation wide from May.

So ladies, what do you think? Do any of these grab your attention? 


Friday, 4 April 2014

Pay Day Haulin' Feat Primark

Hello lovelies.

"Just a quick lunch with a friend...." turned in to a bit of a haul this week! I haven't really been shopping for a while, and it was pay day AND I had a day off... It was bound to end in a haul, who was I kidding?!

Ok, so not a giant haul but it the most "stuff" I've bought at one time for a long ol' time!

First up I did a quick dip in to Boots and Superdrug for a few bits I was in need of/

Johnnson's Baby Bedtime Bath - I was looking for a cheapy bubble bath to use when I'm running low on Lush bath bombs. I had a quick sniff of some Radox ones but none appealed, and I spotted this when walking past the baby section and went in for the sniff. It's amazing, a gentle mix of camomile and lavender, a very soothing scent. It was a whole pound.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Silky Smooth Conditioner - I had a little sample of this in the post and really liked it, so when I spotted it was half price in Boots I decided to give it a proper road test. Also, it smells amazing, according to the bottle its a mix of papaya and vanilla. It's currently on offer for £1.62.  

Charles Worthington Salon At Home Moisture Seal Hair Masque - I saw that the lovely Fleur De Force mentioned this in her favourites and I couldn't help but want it! I've actually used this already and if you have dry hair, give this a whirl! It made my hair feel super soft, which seeing as I have hair that's more like straw than hair, is quite impressive. It's a mid range "drug store" price at £5.99 but totally worth it. 

Superdrug Hair Dye in Fire Red - I wanted to refresh my hair a little as the colour has faded a little and this stuff is just the best hair dye I've tried in ages (reviewed here) and it's cheap as chips. They are currently on offer 2 for £6. 

Next up, in to Primark! I'm off to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter next week and I wanted a new dress to wear, because this is how you justify buying things you don't need. Anyhooo... 

I'd been searching for a lovely dress for weeks, and can I just say, BOO CURRENT FASHION, BOOO. It's spring, I expect pretty dresses, not every colour of the neon rainbow in clothes more appropriate for a 90's rave than a spring day. BOOO. I'd been looking high and low for something, anything I liked. And there it was. Nestled between a bright orange body con dress and a neon pink body con dress. The perfect spring dress. A crisp white underneath and a floral "burnt out" layer over the top. Oh, Primark, when you get it right you really get it right. I snapped one up without looking at the price, which happens to be £15, which is pretty reasonable for such a gorgeous dress. 

Whilst in Primark I decided to get a cardigan to go with it, and went for this deep navy bolero, which Primark is stocking in a huge amount of different colours. It's very basic, 3/4 length sleeved and rounded at the edges. This was £6 and I'm already planning to pick up a few more colours. 

These shoes are to go with the above dress and cardigan. I've needed some little dolly flats for a while and these just jumped off the shelf at me. Again, Primark stocks 101 million versions of these shoes, and at £4 a pair most people I know own at least one pair. 

This was an impulse purchase! I was heading to the tills to pay and this was on a sale table just before the tills. I saw it, I liked it, it was £3, I had to have it! It's a deep purple with gold shimmery thread running through it. It's a wee bit itchy but not too bad, a good top to stick over the top of a lazy day outfit. 

So that's my haul. I can honestly say I have never bought that much in one go from Primark for a long time, possibly ever! Who else thinks Primark are upping their game this year?


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

NEW! Yankee Candle Fruit-tastic Summer 2014 Fragrances

Hello lovelies. 

You know how I always say I'm done buying candles for a little while? I am going to stop saying that. It's abundantly clear I have no self control when it comes to candles! I heard the summer fragrance line up all the way back in November last year, and I knew that when they hit the shelves, I was going to need them. I wasn't wrong, I needed them!

So, the entire summer line up, or the "Q2" fragrences are fruit based, which just so happens to be my favourite type of scent! As I'd heard about them a good while a go I had high expectations for them, so did they live up to it? (Spoiler alert, they did...)

Black Plum Blossom - This one I was least interested in when I first heard of the line up. Black Plum Blossom is a really unusual blend of fruit and floral that really works. It's a sweet plum scent with a gentle floral scent undertone. 

Sweet Apple - This is very similar to a retired fragrance from Yankee Candle called Mackintosh, another apple fragrance, but a touch sweeter. It's quite a straight forward scent and I can't detect any underlying scents.

Orange Splash - This does what it says on the tin, it smells exactly like fresh orange juice. It has a slight sharpness to the scent which keeps the scent authentic. Again, a fairly straight forward scent. 

Citrus Tango - This is the most complex of all the new fragrances, as it's a mixture of just about every citrus scent! As far as top notes go I detect grapefruit and lime, followed by orange and lemon in that order. As its all citrus based it is slightly sharp but in a pleasant way. I went for the medium jar of this one rather than the large as I was exercising "self control" or at least my version of it! Both this and the one below are not part of Q2 but a separate line called "Beach Party".

Margarita Time - By far my favourite, and probably my favourite new scent from Yankee for a couple of years! This is a beautiful blend of sharp crisp lime with an undertone of subtle sugar. It kind of reminds me of Bahama Vreeze, an older scent from Yankee, but with lime as the top note rather than pineapple. A must sniff if your a lime fan! I bought the wax tart but liked it so much I just had to go for the large jar! 

Prices start from £1.25 and you can browse the new releases in store or online here.

So that's the new releases from Yankee Candle! Do any of these sound nice to you lovely lot?