Wednesday, 2 April 2014

NEW! Yankee Candle Fruit-tastic Summer 2014 Fragrances

Hello lovelies. 

You know how I always say I'm done buying candles for a little while? I am going to stop saying that. It's abundantly clear I have no self control when it comes to candles! I heard the summer fragrance line up all the way back in November last year, and I knew that when they hit the shelves, I was going to need them. I wasn't wrong, I needed them!

So, the entire summer line up, or the "Q2" fragrences are fruit based, which just so happens to be my favourite type of scent! As I'd heard about them a good while a go I had high expectations for them, so did they live up to it? (Spoiler alert, they did...)

Black Plum Blossom - This one I was least interested in when I first heard of the line up. Black Plum Blossom is a really unusual blend of fruit and floral that really works. It's a sweet plum scent with a gentle floral scent undertone. 

Sweet Apple - This is very similar to a retired fragrance from Yankee Candle called Mackintosh, another apple fragrance, but a touch sweeter. It's quite a straight forward scent and I can't detect any underlying scents.

Orange Splash - This does what it says on the tin, it smells exactly like fresh orange juice. It has a slight sharpness to the scent which keeps the scent authentic. Again, a fairly straight forward scent. 

Citrus Tango - This is the most complex of all the new fragrances, as it's a mixture of just about every citrus scent! As far as top notes go I detect grapefruit and lime, followed by orange and lemon in that order. As its all citrus based it is slightly sharp but in a pleasant way. I went for the medium jar of this one rather than the large as I was exercising "self control" or at least my version of it! Both this and the one below are not part of Q2 but a separate line called "Beach Party".

Margarita Time - By far my favourite, and probably my favourite new scent from Yankee for a couple of years! This is a beautiful blend of sharp crisp lime with an undertone of subtle sugar. It kind of reminds me of Bahama Vreeze, an older scent from Yankee, but with lime as the top note rather than pineapple. A must sniff if your a lime fan! I bought the wax tart but liked it so much I just had to go for the large jar! 

Prices start from £1.25 and you can browse the new releases in store or online here.

So that's the new releases from Yankee Candle! Do any of these sound nice to you lovely lot?



  1. Ooh these all sound lovely! Intrigued to smell the plum one if it's slightly floral too xx

  2. I like the sound of all these especially that plum one x
    Beautyqueenuk xx


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