Friday, 4 April 2014

Pay Day Haulin' Feat Primark

Hello lovelies.

"Just a quick lunch with a friend...." turned in to a bit of a haul this week! I haven't really been shopping for a while, and it was pay day AND I had a day off... It was bound to end in a haul, who was I kidding?!

Ok, so not a giant haul but it the most "stuff" I've bought at one time for a long ol' time!

First up I did a quick dip in to Boots and Superdrug for a few bits I was in need of/

Johnnson's Baby Bedtime Bath - I was looking for a cheapy bubble bath to use when I'm running low on Lush bath bombs. I had a quick sniff of some Radox ones but none appealed, and I spotted this when walking past the baby section and went in for the sniff. It's amazing, a gentle mix of camomile and lavender, a very soothing scent. It was a whole pound.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Silky Smooth Conditioner - I had a little sample of this in the post and really liked it, so when I spotted it was half price in Boots I decided to give it a proper road test. Also, it smells amazing, according to the bottle its a mix of papaya and vanilla. It's currently on offer for £1.62.  

Charles Worthington Salon At Home Moisture Seal Hair Masque - I saw that the lovely Fleur De Force mentioned this in her favourites and I couldn't help but want it! I've actually used this already and if you have dry hair, give this a whirl! It made my hair feel super soft, which seeing as I have hair that's more like straw than hair, is quite impressive. It's a mid range "drug store" price at £5.99 but totally worth it. 

Superdrug Hair Dye in Fire Red - I wanted to refresh my hair a little as the colour has faded a little and this stuff is just the best hair dye I've tried in ages (reviewed here) and it's cheap as chips. They are currently on offer 2 for £6. 

Next up, in to Primark! I'm off to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter next week and I wanted a new dress to wear, because this is how you justify buying things you don't need. Anyhooo... 

I'd been searching for a lovely dress for weeks, and can I just say, BOO CURRENT FASHION, BOOO. It's spring, I expect pretty dresses, not every colour of the neon rainbow in clothes more appropriate for a 90's rave than a spring day. BOOO. I'd been looking high and low for something, anything I liked. And there it was. Nestled between a bright orange body con dress and a neon pink body con dress. The perfect spring dress. A crisp white underneath and a floral "burnt out" layer over the top. Oh, Primark, when you get it right you really get it right. I snapped one up without looking at the price, which happens to be £15, which is pretty reasonable for such a gorgeous dress. 

Whilst in Primark I decided to get a cardigan to go with it, and went for this deep navy bolero, which Primark is stocking in a huge amount of different colours. It's very basic, 3/4 length sleeved and rounded at the edges. This was £6 and I'm already planning to pick up a few more colours. 

These shoes are to go with the above dress and cardigan. I've needed some little dolly flats for a while and these just jumped off the shelf at me. Again, Primark stocks 101 million versions of these shoes, and at £4 a pair most people I know own at least one pair. 

This was an impulse purchase! I was heading to the tills to pay and this was on a sale table just before the tills. I saw it, I liked it, it was £3, I had to have it! It's a deep purple with gold shimmery thread running through it. It's a wee bit itchy but not too bad, a good top to stick over the top of a lazy day outfit. 

So that's my haul. I can honestly say I have never bought that much in one go from Primark for a long time, possibly ever! Who else thinks Primark are upping their game this year?


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