Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Woodland Lilac Butterfly Watch From Olivia Burton - Beautiful Vintage Inspired Watches

Hello lovelies. 

I LOVE watches. In fact, I need to wear a watch every day. Not for any practical reason, because if I don't have one on I feel like I'm missing part of my arm! I've been aware of Olivia Burton watches for ages, but it wasn't until I was browsing in Harvey Nichols a few weeks ago I spotted they had a few of them in store, and one really really caught my eye. The Woodland Lilac Butterfly.

Oh sweet mother it is beautiful! The watch comes in a beautiful branded presentation box, and the watch sits on a velvet cushion. 

The face of the watch features a small butterfly, which according to the website is a picture of a butterfly that was found and persevered in England for over 100 years! The watch also has three hands, hour minute and second, which is always handy if you need to time something. The case is gold plated, and the the underside of the watch features the same bird from the box branding. The strap is a faux leather in a beautiful soft lilac. 

The watch itself is quite dinky, which is nice as I usually wear something with a larger face, but it's good I have something a little more ladylike! As the strap is faux leather its really comfortable and soft, so it sits of the wrist incredibly well. Also, IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL! I can't stop looking at my wrist! 

Olivia Burton watches are quite affordable. The Woodland Butterfly cost £58, which isn't the cheapest you could pay for a watch, but then again it will last for years and unlike other things, I rarely do buy watches so when I do I like to go for a good quality one. The smaller watches cost between £55 and £65 depending on what the strap is made of (the metal straps cost more) and the larger watches cost between £62 and £125 again depending on the strap and the detail on the watch. You can browse the whole range here.

So what do you ladies think? Do you wear a watch and if so, what sort? 


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  1. This is beautiful, I love OB watches and I think this might be my favourite design yet x


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