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Yankee Candle How To Guide Part 2 - Jar Candles - How To Burn Them Properly

Hello lovelies. 

As promised, here is the second installment of my Yankee Candle How To Guide. Today I'm going to be going through how to burn jar candles, and how to burn them properly! This sounds simple enough, and I know what your thinking, how hard is it to light a candle?! Well, I often have customers asking me how to stop common candle problems, so if you've ever had a problem with a jar candle, or don't want to, read on. 

Jar Candles

The jar candles come in 3 sizes. Small, which last 25 - 40 hours, medium (not pictured) 65-80 hours and large 110 - 150 hours. I will cover the varying burn times a little bit later in the post. Jar candles need to be burnt for different amount of times, a small needs at least two hours to get an even "pool" (where the melted wax goes edge to edge in the jar) and the medium and large jars need at least 4 hours to achieve a pool. If this isn't done, and you burn your jar for about an hour a night, eventually you might find that this will happen

 (NOT my image, image credit here)

This is called tunneling, where the candles has burnt through the middle rather than achieving a pool, and the whole edge of the wax is wasted. 

Shades & Illuma-lids. 

A question I get asked a lot is "are the shades just decorative or do they have a purpose?" yes, they are decorative but they do have a purpose. Shades prevent flame flickering for drafts, which make the flame burn brighter, which melts the wax faster from the heat being given off, so you get less burning hours from your candles. The shades come in two sizes, small which only fits the smallest jars, and medium / large which fits a medium or a large jar. 

Illuma-lids are essentially the same idea, but flatter and usually made of metal. These, as far as I know, only come in the medium and large size, no small size. 

Wick Trimmers. 

These sit in a basket on the till where I work, and every other person will ask me what on earth they are, and I guess being objective they look pretty weird! So when I tell people what they do and why they need them, most people will give me a strange look, but trust me, if you like the large jar candles, you need these!

Essentially, they are oddly shaped scissors, but these odd shaped scissors really do have a purpose. You want to trim your wick as because if you do, you will get the maximum burn time from your candles. This is because it keeps the flame smaller, which makes the wax melt slower. But also, in cutting the wick you will cut off the carbon bubble off the end of the wick, which stops the black smoke coming up from the candle, and marking the jar with black soot. 

I often get asked "could I not just use scissors?" and essentially you could, but, and there are two buts, one, I'd like to see how you are going to get the scissors down to bottom of the jar, and the biggie, the Yankee wick trimmers have a stopper on the bottom, which is the bit that looks like a golf club, which means you can't cut the wick too short or leave it too long. Just rest the trimmers on the wax, and snip! The amount of wick you actually need is really very small, but go too short, and the wick won't light. They cost around £5, but they really do make a difference! 

So ladies, that is how to burn the jar candles! I promise if you trim your wick, leave it for at least 4 hours and use a shade you will get a perfect, clean burn that lasts 150 hours! 

Ladies, are you a fan of the Yankee Candle jars? If you are, which is your favourite?



  1. I really want one of the illumalids. So cute.
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  2. Thanks for sharing these tips, you've answered a few questions for me! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  3. Always good to know how to burn candles correctly! My boyfriend bought me a large Yankee Candle earlier this year for my birthday and waited all the way until April to burn it due to the fact I didn't have a lid or a shade to use alongside it.

  4. That illuma-lid is beautiful! May have to have a look into those...
    Cool post!

    - Danielle xo


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