Friday, 18 July 2014

Wedding Planning - The Early Ups & Downs

Hello lovelies.

Long time no see! I'm sorry I've been neglecting the ol' blog lately, I've been crazy busy with work recently! Any way, as I said in a previous post I recently got engaged, which means only one thing, wedding planning time!

The Ups 

Its hard to put my finger on what has been the most exciting part so far, but as sappy as it sounds, sitting down with my fiance and going through our thoughts and ideas for the day has to be up there! 

Finally finding a venue that seems good has also been quite exciting. Our first priority has been finding a venue we liked, and that has been a lot, lot, harder than I thought it would be. We went to see one, which although lovely, was very formal and traditional, and even though it wasn't the one helped us put our finger on exactly what we are looking for. However, what we are looking for is few and far between! However we've found somewhere that seems just right, and we are hoping to look at it soon, so watch this space! 

Finding decor ideas has also been a lot of fun so far, and since I haven't even found the venue yet I've barely got started, but I'm already loving it! I've not exactly landed on a theme yet, but a mix of rustic and vintage seems to be what I am loving so far.

The Downs

I thought a good place to start would be by picking up some bridal magazines. Wrong! Page after page suggesting spending your life savings on a variety of different "must have items", filling you full of ludicrous ideas of £1500 being a budget dress, or if your invites don't cost a small fortune it will send out a bad message for your big day. Of course, these magazines are only meant to be inspiration, but they are slightly overwhelming! 

I think my biggest shock has been how much things cost. I've always known that weddings are expensive, but its a big difference between fantasy money and a real amount you may actually part with! As both my fiance & I have huge families, we have large numbers of guests we want at our day, so we are trying to find solutions to keep everything in or under budget, such as having a mid week wedding or a wedding in winter.

So, to any ladies recently engaged, or married, what have been your ups and down of wedding planning? Did you find the cost of wedding slightly overwhelming? Have you had a nightmare finding a venue or have you found it plain sailing? Any tips out there for a bride to be?



  1. The ups are doing everything together and planning! Downs, yes you were expected to spend everything you have on one day. Though the up is I'm a marketing specilist and know most of the tricks. :P e.g. 50c tea light candles are a scam, $3 for a pack of 100 (3c each) at the hardware store. Also buy anything you can from ebay from deco to gloves and tiaras. You will save a fortune!

    Still searching for the perfect venue, though tbh we're looked at two. Got to wait for open house season again (March-April) next year.

  2. Work out what your must haves are and then see what budget you're left with. If you're foodies it might be an amazing menu, if you love photos it could be the photographer. All the little details can ALWAYS be done on a budget.

    And find out who you know who can help. Graphic designer friends to do invites? Heck yeah!


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